Whoa I Remember: Young Dilbert Hi-Tech Hijinks: Part 1


(KnowWonder) (1997)

Kids… and parents! Take a trip inside your computer.
Ever been inside your computer to fix damage from a nasty virus? Built an anti-pollution laser particle cannon to save earth from a hurtling asteroid? Chased aliens in the basement? Found a friendly dinosaur hiding in the park?
No? Then step into the wacky, wired world of Young Dilbert and his friends Dogbert, Ratbert, Noriko, and Bob the Dinosaur. here, kids can do all the above and more, in a whole series of lively adventures and games. All while building strong computer skills such as “surfing the net”, navigating help files, and learning the basics of how a computer is built. And if that isn’t enough, kids also enhance their critical thinking, problem solving, memory retention, and hand-eye coordination skills. But first, of course, they will have to pry their parents’ grasping fingers off the controls. It’s that much fun.

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