What Is My IDEAL Assassin's Creed Game?


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41 thoughts on “What Is My IDEAL Assassin's Creed Game?

  1. I personally really wish they would add more customization to the Assassin robes so that way you could look more how you wish like in unity but more in depth.

  2. I guess Lancelot would be the main villain and Arthur trusts him because his relationship with Guinevere

  3. Delete the comics and take Desmond’s son make him brainwashed as a Templar killing assassins in the modern day

  4. Bro, your vision for an AC game is perfect. I love it. You understand the core of what AC is supposed to be more than the devs these days. Your idea both excites me, and breaks my heart because I know that would probably be the best AC game ever, but I also know we'll never get it from Ubisoft.

  5. One of the biggest boons about the setting, in my opinion, would have to be the large number of discrepancies/loss of historical documentation. Since we don't know a lot of details about King Arthur (most are told that he's an English King but evidence says he may have been a Frank), the devs could take some small liberties about certain things such as people, locations, or possibly even events.

  6. My ideal AC games would take place in
    -feudal Japan (ninja assassin's)
    -ancient Indian (Indian temples, crazy jungles and cults to the different gods etc)
    -Mongolia (Genghis Khan era)
    -the crusades (redo of middle East Jerusalem area)
    -WW2 (this is the closest to modern times I'd want but it could be interesting for obvious reasons you could assassinate Nazis and there would be a lot of Intel missions)
    -Spanish Inquisition

  7. Assassin's cried has always been set in real history locations with historical figures. What's all this about merlin a wizard and Camelot

  8. LazerzZ: Here's my ideal Assassin's Creed game…
    Random NPC: Aight just lemme walk into this cutscene and break my arm real quick

  9. The problem with this is king arthur is not rooted in the middle ages. Ac games tend to have some kind of historical accuracy.
    If there was a king arthur it would have been in the dark ages , not the middle ages, and he would have been a warlord not a king. I understand. The story is fictional so where would anything historical come into play? Camelot is not historical in any way it is a made up city.

  10. They could just give ys a bayek sequel in rome. That game practically writes itself with as much buildup as it had in Origins.

  11. That’s not even gonna be a assassins creed game. How are they gonna be more focused on King Arthur than the main protagonist? They should just make King Arthur the main protagonist lmao because they way you want it the assassin we are going to be playing as is gonna be a second character

  12. The moment they started doing other time periods my immediate thought was "I'd love an Assassin's Creed set during the French Revolution."

    I've since learned that the universes is a harsh and cruel place.

  13. I have a theory about Assassin's Creed Valhalla: The antagonist (The King of England I guess) will be the actual descendant of King Arthur and that means that he still has the ancient Excalibur which is why England at the time was such a powerful nation or something similar like that.. maybe..

  14. I love this idea, King Arthur is probably my favorite medieval legend and please Ubisoft please allow us to pick our own fucking colors for our robes

  15. I know this was 4 months ago but, my ideal AC would be- In medieval times with the round table and all the same stuff but Desmond is still alive going through this and in the round table you could have room for online like unity except up to 12 people and you could have a war like event with all your friends and you could lead battles with 1000s of npcs against other npcs. For story I think that it could be close to your idea have Excalibur as the sword of eden, but then have merlins staff, the staff of eden, Lancelot have the spear, kings wife have the shroud, then mix and match the other pieces to a person of the round table. Making this the most important time in AC making it when almost all the pieces are about to come together and there is a huge war between Templars and Assassins. Then on Desmond’s side, the Templars are about to gather them all and as time went on in the previous games he made the modern brotherhood big like Ezio. And you could have much of the same aspects I said before except play differently since it’s modern.

  16. Congrats you're getting medieval England, just not king Arthur. The Viking conquest of England should be fun though.

  17. This is a great idea! Have you contacted any writers at Ubisoft with this? Would LOVE to see this King Arthur plot

  18. King Arthur and all elements to the story is a fable and creed games don't do fables. I think maybe Henry the viii would be better with maybe weak Arthur influence so yes sword of Eden and maybe apple as the royal orb

  19. Keep the templar territory, make the knights of the round table assassins. The player character is the recruiter, arthur is the leader. Throughout the game you meet the named members of the round table unlocking more seats for you to fill.

  20. Japan during the waring states period or America during the Civil War.
    The civil war would be great because you could have the historical figures tie into the assassins vs Templar’s.
    You could have General Lee, Harriet, Jesse James, Thubman , Abraham Lincoln (mentor of the American cell) and Ulysses S Grant be assassins while Sherman, John Wilkes booth, Henry clay, Nathan Bedford forest, Jefferson Davis and George Custer be Templar’s. I want the major settings to be Washington DC, Boston, Charleston, Louisville, Maryland.
    The key events I want to be featured are the major battles of the civil war like Shiloh, Bull run, Gettysburg and others. We can also incorporate our favorite American assassin Connor in this game as we could see flash backs of Abraham Lincoln Being Trained by Connor in the ways of being an assassin.

  21. I keep think 1930 New York  
    as could have assassins,Templar, as well as FBI ,CIA , mafia and German sleeper agents, were after bit find out that America and Europe Templar are in civil war . if want replay factors you can side with one type of Templar Could see ship base that traveling up and down rivers of New York.

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