What is Hong Jin Young's Day Like? [My Little Old Boy Ep 113]


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40 thoughts on “What is Hong Jin Young's Day Like? [My Little Old Boy Ep 113]

  1. Wow….I really want to have a lifestyle like her except to be an idol…i'll change it into a doctor…..Doctor and gamer…WOW I LOVE IT👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Its so relieving sometimes just seeing celebrities or well known people playing games because its really looked down upon by a lot of other people. Also finding out that she's also has a lot of other things that she can be proud of just gives me a lot of hope.

    Also I dislike the fact that they think just because you play games means that you can't be clean and organized or have your life together. I play games to pass time or enjoy myself just like any other hobby people have

  3. Wow… she really have the life of my dream… Being able to play games even though she has such a tight schedule, I really admire her and want to be like herrr, I can’t believe she works as a singer, have time to play games, make videos and even STREAM!?!?! I’ve been making vids, studying, I want to start streaming but I don’t even have time nor know how to!!! I need to get advices from her man, she’s my role model… I mean I also don’t really go out, especially now, but usually I don’t too, I have like 1 less task than her which is working so I shod be doing better but nope I’m not… I just want to make gaming content, apparently not growing…

  4. I am 40 and I still play Computer Games. I like going to work and meed with friends, but after 7pm I belong to the PCGMR.

  5. She must have people that she plays with regularly right? I wonder if they know that they're playing with the trot legend Hong Jin Young!?

  6. I was today years old to know that she has a water cooled gaming PC like wth hahahaha thats is soo cool and makes me love her more HAHAHA

  7. She is so relatable, I'm literally like her, video games are the thing that keeps me busy these days

  8. waittsss did we just got her PUBG username…………….WHATT ok bye im gonna find her yyeeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyey

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