Well That Happened | Stranded Deep Gameplay | EP5


Stranded Deep Gameplay Let’s Play – Take the role of a plane crash survivor stranded somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Come face to face with some of the most life threatening scenarios that will result in a different experience each time you play. Scavenge. Discover. Survive.

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28 thoughts on “Well That Happened | Stranded Deep Gameplay | EP5

  1. Bought this game for Xbox a few days ago and I'm noticing some differences. To make antidote I need 2 pipi and a coconut flask, and I've never seen the giants crabs or boars on any of the 13 islands I've been to.

  2. Go past the ship from that island theirs a huge wreck filled with chests the wreck has a cargo hold 😲😆🎉

  3. So one thing I don't understand about this game and a lot of survival games is what happened to the coconut container after you use the antidote I mean did your guy eat it along with the antidote. And great video I always.

  4. You a busy guy you post a lot I started watching your stranded deep videos because I got the game and was confused but I love your channel and subbed

  5. I saw one player who built his behind where he steers his rutter so the shelves don't get in his way when he is traveling

  6. I love this game bro.
    What's crazy, is you're on the exact same island I'm on lol, that you sailed to today

  7. I'm on PS4 and I do confirm that it does reset if you leave the plane after adding parts or supplies and when you go back they will be gone and you cannot rebuild the parts so you're done screwed and have to start the game over I'm on PS4 like I said that happened to me and I don't know how to fix it I'm about to start over

  8. Can't see the snakes for the grass. You were too focused on the grass and missed the snake sitting right there in the open next to the rock.

  9. Great video. When you jumped on the snake I couldn't help laughing. Especially when you then stabbed the rock 5 or 6 times.

  10. Great stuff GE . So to get the end game to work do I load it into the map part before I start a new game ? I finally lived ten days and can't get anything to rotate either . Is that Q and E ? I tried to rotate my sail ( all buttons in a row ) on the tiny raft I made and ended up stepping off . I believe it has just made port in Japan . LOL I also didn't know it takes 14 crude spears to kill a tiger shark . LOL

  11. Hey gameedge. Check out Among Trees (from the Epic game store). Very very promising survival game.

  12. Im not sure about the PC version… But in the Xbox version if you build a plank station with your damaged ax you can demolish it for a fully repair ax… And if your gathering is high it will only cost you a few sticks and a damaged ax to replace the plank station.

    It saves on leather…

  13. Hey GE one idea to mark which direction your island is by making 3 crude spears and throw them in a straight line in the direction your island is. Yeah it takes up a little resources but no matter which island you go to you will have a compass always pointing towards home!

  14. …Knowing GE can't hear me yelling at the monitor…"SNAKE IS THERE…!!!…"…
    …but still yelling at the monitor…!!!…

  15. Idk how you sail with that raft. I was watching ep.4 and I built a raft jus like yours and tried to sail with it and i flipped it trying to balance it with the choppy waters. After reloading 5 times and flipping 5 times I immediately upgraded and made it wider. You’re a talented person to sail with that. Also I didn’t kno you could make shelves for the crates and put it on your raft so thanx for showing me that. Love your vids 👊 keep em comin.

  16. What the??? 6 consecutive SNAKE BITES…?
    Are you serious?? you missed it thrice on your lower screen…

  17. hi gameEdged, i thought i heard of stranded deap already putting out Co-op mode. why don't you also try that with your normal crews?

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