Welcome to stream fixing with A-Game/maybe feat. Mario Kart


Multistreaming with

TOURNAMENT CODE: 3080-5867-2683 (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe)


!discord: shows the A-Game discord in chat
!tournament: gives you the tournament code
!social: gives you my Twitter and Twitch so you can stalk me further

Chat Rules:
1. Keep it family friendly, gotta think of the kiddies.
2. Don’t ask for shoutouts. Are you honestly that desperate to have some random person on the internet say your name on a livestream?
3. Don’t spam your messages constantly. That’s annoying.
4. Have fun and stuff.

Nguồn: https://makemoneysecrete.com/

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16 thoughts on “Welcome to stream fixing with A-Game/maybe feat. Mario Kart

  1. That was pretty awesome of you to keep the stream going when all things appeared to fail for you… I would have pulled a Ron Swanson and thrown the day in the garbage (insert video)… Thanks for all the enjoyment! Hope you have a great day!

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