vtech V.Smile Childrens Console Review


I review another Carboot Bargain games system, this time the vtech v.smile for kids! I managed to get the first and second version of these for £3.50 and £4.00 respectively with 6 games between them!

NEWS: This console broke 🙁 But dont worry, I made it into a fire-breathing Retro Arcade and media centre, my family loves it! You can make one too! Instructions:

The kids seem to love it and it keeps them away from my more prized consoles. Worth every penny!

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40 thoughts on “vtech V.Smile Childrens Console Review

  1. when i was little, i couldnt even play with this because i could only find one f#$@ing controller in the entire house! i never seen the actual console and cartridges tho. just one controller. seeing the controller now, still gives me rage but some nostalgia. if i havent seen this video, i would never remember it

  2. How did you record this footage? I am about to buy a console and some games off of ebay and shopgoodwill and I plan to live stream playing some of the games. I have an elgato and all that and I already have equipment to record my PlayStation 2 but is there something I can buy to hook up my capture card to my V Smile?

  3. Ahhhhhh. Memories………………… I used to have one… now I'm seventeen *sigh*
    I specifically remember this screen. -> 8:50

  4. The nostalgia hit when you hit the heart and it played the sound. I haven’t seen this game in over 8 or 9 years

  5. I haad one of these bad bois when I was little (except it was like a portable version) and I played the living crap out of it. Really fun console with games that do help you learn some english, maths and all sorts of stuff!

  6. Thanks so much for this video…I know it's a few years old but my daughter is 5 and wants a game system. This seems perfect for a kindergartner first game system.

  7. hahah xD i bet everyone here is like 23-17 years old xD i wanted one SO badly, only got to play the demo one in the toy store. hearing how little he spent on this kind of makes me mad, sad and jealous xD CHILDHOOD FOR JUST 20 BUCKS AHH i stil want one… 2000s kids here we gooo xD

  8. So glad a UK YouTube has V Smile videos these sounds give me flashbacks from being 4. I had Bob the Builder, Winnie the Pooh and Cars from what I remember.

  9. I'm 14 and remember playing something like that idk if that was the one but I played a shrek and Spider-Man game lol
    Edit:I searched the games and this is definitely the one that I played on

  10. I remember my cousin had this she would play it alot, me and her brother would dead ass look at it be iight Im a play gta sa on ps2

  11. My first console was a ps1 I was very confused when I seen this after I got the ps2. It we’d still fun to play tho!

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