VR the Future? Joining FaZe, Girl without Vagina – Game Lounge #37


BO2 / Ghosts Gameplay – Please RATE!
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Evan / iFly

Sally / AlyMew


Mikey / YouTubeDude

COD ghosts: 65-8 gameplay – BLACKDJHD

Ghosts 31:2 TDM on Warhawk Dual Maniac Match! – Gogehatenks

** Topics **

Facebook is buying Oculus VR for $2 billion

Notch: Minecraft on Oculus Canceled, ‘Facebook Creeps Me Out’

Titanfall hates cheaters

Do you want to ride a Titan? Mikey

Cursive is no longer part of curriculum in Elementary School I didnt know


Girl born without a vagina

NYC Freedom Tower B.A.S.E. Jump

Men Are Posting Pictures Of Their Penises In Socks On The Internet For Cancer Awareness

Kyuremkid1999: Here’s a question: what’s the exact requirements/skill to get into the big clans faze, optic, ect.?

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39 thoughts on “VR the Future? Joining FaZe, Girl without Vagina – Game Lounge #37

  1. how does she not know that she doesnt have a vagina cuz i think when you take a shower you have to look and clean down there obviously 

  2. Could you try and get H2O Delirious or Vanoss or possibly both on next weeks podcast? Just wondering.
    Question: If CoD MW4 fails to meet the fan base expectation, do you think Destiny would dominate CoD? Not kill CoD.

  3. How can my mate he is a noob rank up faster and get better he wants to join a clan recruiting but they said he needs to be better and he has tried and practiced how can he rank up I tried helping him with classes on ghosts he is commuted and played 16 hours of it and got it for his bday feb 16 how can you help him he will be watching this

  4. I gots a question 😀 so at my school people think that its ok and its the new hip/cool thing to fail all your classes mikey shidosha and sally what are your thoughts on this?

  5. Mikey, you're gonna have to get a PS4 soon. CoD DLC is coming to PlayStation this year. You should look into getting one. Also, there's so many more games to play on it.

  6. I watched frozen 4 times. Not by free will or choice… but by the fact that my little sister can't get over it…

  7. Evan should talk more! Lol great video and I love listening to you guys while I do my homework! XD is that a good mix?

  8. Hey here's a question (do you think black ops 3 will actually exist and if so do you think the campaign will be the same) also will there be diamond guns)

  9. What 2014 games for next gen consoles are you guys looking forward to the most? Me, personally, is probably The Elder Scrolls Online 😀

  10. Investors are really mad right now because they invested into the Oculus, but now Oculus wants to cash out to Facebook, and Facebook wants to take the gaming hardware the investors payed for and instead use the technology and use it for "communication" as in FarmVille and plenty of ads.

  11. I got offered to join FaZe one time but declined because the guy who sent it to me turned out to be a booster on the opposite team when I played with him on the other team.

  12. Hey I did a tandem that's a double person when I was ten because my dad is a skydiver and I've been around skydiving stuff

  13. I like please do more Titan fall it's not my favourite but do it like once a week like on Fridays Titan fall

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