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What makes a melody memorable? Is modern game music as catchy as the chiptunes of gaming past? We explore some of the key composition elements that are found in all great video game music.

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(Original air date: September 22, 2010)

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22 thoughts on “Video Game Music – How to Create a Timeless Theme – Extra Credits

  1. Also as a great example I would give Battlefield 1 apocalypse theme as one of the most epic pieces of not just videogame music but music in general.

  2. The Dragonborn Theme from Skyrim is another one that I can recognize easily…
    Though the Halo Theme… Eh, not really. I didn't play Halo, not into 3rd person fps.

  3. Also one of the best game themes is the half life 2 Frack "Triage at dawn."this song brings back all the counless great emotions from this game instantly…

  4. I recomment you guys trying out Touhou Project. It has a really iconic music. The guys who makes them literally made the game to make music. And it's beautifull!

  5. I was never a Zelda fan but the music makes me so nostalgia because of the cartoon trailer playing before the Mario tv show

  6. Me who’s starting to get into fighers because of Guilty Gear’s music.
    As a new person to the world of gaming, the music here is phenomenal.

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