This video is the first part of a small series where i go over this game.

What is Draconia?

Draconia is an open-world dragon survival game with RPG elements being made in Unreal Engine 4.

Play as one of six different dragon species and take over the sky or the land.
Follow the path of Taruk and uncover the story behind Draconia through quests, secret locations and various characters in singleplayer and multiplayer mode.

If you don’t want to play alone, join others in a multiplayer game or invite your friends to join your group or clan and level your characters together.

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Hope you enjoyed the video, there will be more to come in the future!

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22 thoughts on “UPCOMING DRAGON GAME! | Draconia

  1. Thank you! I really had hope that Day of Dragons would improve. All I've felt is betrayal and scammed. This gives me the great hope of a dragon game to that of The Isle dinosaur game. I'm definitely getting this once it's out.

  2. I am surprised by how low qeutzalcoatl attack is I mean this dude is a god in Aztec culture seems maybe more like it should have high attack low health and lots of speed but this great so far

  3. Hey everyone, sorry for the loud fan in the video!

    my laptop turns into a jet engine while recording for a while, which is odd it shouldnt.
    But fear not! Im home soon and will record videos on my desktop which sounds like an industrial turbine! 😀

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