Uncharted 4 GAMEPLAY – All Modifiers and Bonus Options


Uncharted 4 allows you to change the look of the game with Renderers and the rules of the game with Modifiers, all of which are easily unlocked. Here’s a rundown on the many, many ways you can mess with Uncharted 4.

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20 thoughts on “Uncharted 4 GAMEPLAY – All Modifiers and Bonus Options

  1. Wait do we need real money to buy it and please answer mines dont have the extras!!!! So i cant do it!!!

  2. man hearing the main theme makes me feel sad that this is the last game. in my opinion, this is the best soundtrack in gaming, along side with the halo theme and ezios family

  3. Why I don't have the bonus option??? How do I get this renders I already finished the game tho help plss T_T

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