Twixt Reborn! A Classic Board Game For The Next Generation


Item provided by Lil’ Cerebral Games for review

I take you through all of the new game parts, check out the original game and then do three different game plays on video. I wanted to make sure I also did a comparison between the original and the new game to see how close it is to the original 3M game.

After checking it out, I can say that it is almost exactly the same. There are a few small nuances to the game in regards to the colors and the underside, but overall the game is the same and you can use the new game pieces on the older game board. The only difference is that the older game pieces do not fit very well into the new board.

Playing the game is the same and with a few game plays you could really start to understand how to play the game and start to develop a game play that you can use in future games.

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