Top 10 Muay Thai Knockouts

Kinh Doanh

The list is (obviously) subjective, just wanted to show my personal top 10 favorite knockouts from Muay Thai. Not orchestrated by the importance of match ups or KO’s against elite opponents but rather knockouts that please the eyes most! These are just my favorites, everyone has their own. Feel free to commentate your favorite ones as well, I am always happy to see new ones that I haven’t seen yet myself

Intro video (Wai Kru by Buakaw) from Amazing Thailand channel:

Intro song: Epic Music VN – Unforgiven

I have already made up a video of my top 10 kickboxing knockouts, here is one of Muay Thai and will make my TOP 10 favorite MMA knockouts at some point as well


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24 thoughts on “Top 10 Muay Thai Knockouts

  1. Heikki Mustola – Very well said, my friend, I really like the way you expressed that in your overview, subjective! These are your favs, for what ever reason felt good to you! I appreciate your favs, lol! All the best, cheers mate…

  2. 最後のノックアウトは肘打ちと回し蹴りで意識朦朧として立っていたところへの

  3. watching these fights, I understand that predicting the opponents move and chosing the right counter is the core of winning. But every opponent is different, and some are faster or slower and that throws your timing off. Thats why the start of the fight, fighters feel each other out, to gauge the speed and ability of the opponent. But keeping a clear head is a skill i find alot of fighters lack. Soon as they go into rage mode, they no longer think. It works sometimes, but its just putting limits on your efficiency.

  4. My worst fear is trying to do a leg kick and Anderson Silva-ing my skin.

    Do muy thai fighters get adamantium injections?

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