This is Rugby – A Hooligans' Game Played by Gentleman


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20 thoughts on “This is Rugby – A Hooligans' Game Played by Gentleman

  1. If rugby is a gentleman's sport then please explain the team at my uni who used to trash pubs and sing songs about hating poor people. Explain the vicious initiation ceremonies at rugby clubs which border on GBH and rape. Explain the louts at Twickenham and Cardiff on match days picking fights and pissing on the street in front of families. Explain Scottish rugby fans verbally abusing Eddie Jones. Explain the rampant homophobia and sexism. Gentlemen's sport? Give me a break.

  2. I love all of your videos, but you consistently use THE worst music I've ever heard! 🤣 Just leave the commentary audio.

  3. gentlemen.. yeah.. good sport also. but too much of thuggery sometimes slips in and kinda praised (not by commentators though) and so makes the game looks ugly…..

  4. I think as a matter of principle, all rugby Big hits and Steps videos should end with one or two clips of respect as to reinforce the core principles of Rugby.

  5. Awww. Skipping some bismarck, bakkies, de wet, muller, schalk and etsebeth tackles there aren't you poesies?

  6. This is why the haka and other tribal bullshit should have NO place in Rugby. It is NOT a fucking war, it is a tough sport. You want WAR? , go join the military or sit down and STFU.

  7. This is one aspect of Rugby I personally hope never changes
    There is always a place for humility and civility and good sportsmanship in an era of distasteful showboating

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