The Truth About Day of Dragons


The Truth About Day of Dragons
**Please do NOT go and witch hunt. The dev team and their supporters do not deserve trolls and childish behavior that comes out of witch hunts**
Day of Dragons is a very strange thing. This video is meant to try and shed light on the events surrounding the project during it’s very successful Kickstarter campaign, and everything that followed. We all want this kind of game, and I think before we can place trust, we need some answers. There is too little evidence and information to stand behind it. There are too many shady things happening and it just leaves a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. I hope you take the time to really hear all of this, and that you research all of it yourself as well. I welcome all evidence and information to clear any of this up!

For those of you who wanted me to play the game, this is why I haven’t and will not ever.

All of the links are here:

“Suspicious Findings” Google Doc:

“Day of Scams” website:

Day of Dragons Kickstarter Page:

Play Dawn O’ Dragons for free, courtesy of IcyCaress:

Assets Used in Day of Dragons Tech Demo:
Redwood forest collection:
Dune Desert Landscape:
Conifer Forest Collection:
Irval the Wyvern:
Elemental Dragon:
Unka the Dragon:
Stealth System:
Advanced Menu System:
Dialogue Plugin:
Dragon IK System:
Quest Extension:
Save Extension:
Factions Extension:

Check out Jia Hao on Artstation:

Discord Public Call in Full:

“Talk Summary” Goodle doc:

Jao saying he doesn’t want another programmer:

Jao stating he’s saving sounds and models for content creators to give a “final push” for the Kickstarter:

Other Dragon Games in development:
Dragon Game Project:

I wouldn’t recommend supporting Day of Dragons until this is cleared up. We patiently await answers and evidence.

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22 thoughts on “The Truth About Day of Dragons

    I hate when people troll like that. Ask legit questions, please. Also, if any of you want to question the audio clips and say they are being used "out of context" or "doctored" to make Jao look bad, please refer to the description, where the full call was recorded and uploaded. The part where the user was banned was at 8-12 minutes. Nothing was taken out of context. It's all there. Listen for yourself.

    Also for the record, I was just banned from the Day of Dragons Discord server because I said relying on mods to give accurate development information is not a good idea. Banned permanently with no warnings.

    Just goes to show…

  2. So this is more like a before the game releases drivergate situation. Well either way its not something id put money on. I only buy games when they get a full release or from known developers I like and follow. This does sound like a scam but really a lot on kickstarter does anyway.

  3. so I have been studying games dev for 3 years currently and from this, it sounds like he does not have a clue how to start a game right for example in the first year for me my tutor got us to make more there 4 lines of custom code and we do not user blueprints due to bad habits they are useful but its better to learn the hardback code and this seems more like a cult then a dame the idea is good the mind set is not there a bit of concept art not much and someone else paid assets i do not have the funding to make a gamer my self but to make this idea you can get blender -free
    unity or unreal -free krita or an art app-free then learn them make concept are or brought idea boom week month one concept a solid idea 2 models the concepts and environments and make the animations within blender them when done move over to the rigging animation texturing and the rest of the modle stuff then go to the code in make some basic code to make functionality so you have a starting demo then put your own assets in show off that demo then branch out maker some cool gamer play mechanics and more boom made a game that is functional and shows people where them money has gone if the creator uses paired software

  4. I really hope they get a law suit the money grubbing plus the state of the game would get them sued let alone the steam terms

  5. Its sad that theese people exist, but its in my opinion even sadder that people fund this without asking questions first. He got 533000$ without anything. And people wonder how the government controls peoples mind so easy

  6. The maximum fine required may range from $1,000 to $10,000. Most online fraud or cyber crimes are known as “wobblers;” they may be punished as either misdemeanors or felonies. The term of imprisonment may be served in county jail for up to three years.

  7. Thank you – this video 100% convinced me not to touch the game. Hope it turns out to be a good game though. Thanks for the great work/research IGP.

  8. They way he talks, the lack of everything/ANYTHING being shown, And the fact that it is all just market place assets nothing custom. I would bet a large some of money that this game would never come out.

  9. I wouldn't be too critical about using blueprints to make a game, even if the person claims to be a seasoned programmer… Take Sea of Thieves or even Fortnite for example. They are two games created using the blueprint system and are both fun games… But I don't agree with Jao for many reasons… One) he actively turns his supporters against him. 2) He lives in a lie and has not yet seen the depth of the hole he's dug himself into. 3) He's worried that others will try to steal information from him when he created a game using store-bought assets…

  10. 23:13 *ask the real questions
    *uncle iroh reference comes flying in my head

  11. He should be taken to court for taking people's money. Too bad these situations seem like the wild west currently

  12. Wow, I cant believe that people are like this. Even though I am just seeing this video now, thank you for informing people about this. Also, this guy sounds worse than EA with microtransactions

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