the LUCKIEST game EVER of hypixel uhc


damn unlucky loss here… was hoping for the W but that W4I player was just too stacked :/

oh well, hope you guys enjoyed the video anyway! if you did, please SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON and hit SUBSCRIBE OMG NOWWWW

IGN: Zeniath

Information ↪
✦ Discord: Zeniath#6662 &
✦ Twitter: @zeniathyt &
✦ Recording Software: Windows Game DVR
✦ Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 15

Setup ↪
✦ Mouse: SteelSeries Rival 310
✦ Keyboard: Razer Cynosa Chroma
✦ Mousepad: some random “Rocket Taito” one
✦ Headphones: Bose QC 25
✦ Headset: Kotion Each G2000

Music ↪
✦ chill beats from lofi

PC Specs ↪
✦ GTX 960
✦ i5 4460k
✦ 8GB Ram – ddr3

Minecraft ↪
✦ Client: Badlion Client
✦ UHC Star: 10
✦ Texture Pack: thrive – Wisp

Thanks for watching my Minecraft Hypixel UHC video! 500 likes?


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49 thoughts on “the LUCKIEST game EVER of hypixel uhc

  1. So sorry for all the FPS drops… still tryna figure out why this happens (I think it’s to do with me using stream audio) so next video definitely won’t be like this (already finished editing it) so yeah. Apologies anyway but hopefully it was still bearable 🙂

  2. I thought my phone was lagging but it was your video I can’t watch this so if you want to keep a subscriber please upgrade your software

  3. I havent played minecrfat in 5 years. Are those crafts in that server actually in the game or just server pecific

  4. I killed an afk dude he had fusion leggings fusion boots dragon chest plate and projectile prot 3 helm dragon sword with sharp 2 fire aspect 2 4 golden heads 9 golden apples and he wasn’t even wearing it he was just standing in front of an anvil half naked but I still lost that round xd am I the worst player or what

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