The Game – Gentleman's Affair – LAX [dirty version]


Track Listing:

01 – Intro 01:21
02 – Lax Files 03:59
03 – State Of Emergency Feat. Ice Cube 03:39
04 – BulletProof Diaries Feat. Raekwon 04:52
05 – My Life Feat. Lil Wayne 05:21
06 – Money 05:13
07 – Cali Sunshine Feat. Bilal 04:33
08 – Ya Heard Feat. Ludacris 04:05
09 – Hard Liquor (Interlude) 01:51
10 – House Of Pain 04:32
11 – Gentleman’s Affair Feat. Ne-Yo 03:39
12 – Let Us Live Feat. Chrisette Michelle 04:39
13 – Touchdown Feat. Raheem DeVaughn 04:00
14 – Angel Feat. Common 04:28
15 – Never Can Say Goodbye Feat. Latoya 04:40
16 – Dope Boys Feat. Travis Barker 04:01
17 – Game’s Pain Feat. Keyshia Cole 04:22
18 – Letter To The King Feat. Nas 05:46
19 – Outro 01:28


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48 thoughts on “The Game – Gentleman's Affair – LAX [dirty version]

  1. Light skin men for life. I ain't never run from no pussy and I damn sure ain't start to pick the day to start running..

  2. Can you all just shut up and take a sec to Enjoy the great work of Game….Some gentleman shit (smooth )

  3. can u believe this song is now 10 years old…….damn! i still remember the first time i heard this lmao

  4. Dope!!! i miss this game. what happened to the west coast style? idk about everyone else but OKE is nothing like this type of rap

  5. love this song but does nobody else find it kinda weird he wanted to include "silk sheets, long dick, hot tub, lil wayne" together like that?

  6. @BigManUtdJuveFan….I disagree. Hip-hop will never die. Not to sound cliche (by brining up The Roots) but the Roots "How I got Over" album was one of the best hip-hop albums I've heard in years. To say hip-hop is dead under minds talents like them.

  7. @SlickTheRapper i think that to. just like snoops new album and detox to. to be honest, i dont think that there will ever be a real good album from a hip-hopper again. just like nas said: hip-hop IS dead….

  8. @SlickTheRapper L.A.X. was great! but the other two where indeed way better. but the best is the documentary

  9. who cares if 50 makes money, that doesn't mean he makes good music..

    the game makes good music, which no one listens to anymore except for the real hip hop fans like me

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