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Today is #ScaryTuesdays in TikTak Draw. The Draw My Life today is about a Korean game, but one very dangerous, the Elevator Game, if you dare to play you can move to another dimension.

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44 thoughts on “THE ELEVATOR GAME, A KOREAN RITUAL | Draw My Life

  1. OMG, this sounds sooo creepy!!! 😱 have you tried the elevator game, tiktakers? (and stayed alive, ofc)

  2. I think i made it! I just went inside a gas station. Not a single person there so i took some drinks and food, emptied the cash register and started walking home. Sadly the police arrested me 20 minutes after for shoplifting 🙁

  3. First off, when you think about playing this game, Make sure you bring a Wireless Vacuum cleaner to suck the spirit lady.

  4. I tried this. This did not work. My building is 10 floors. I did the correct code, but nothing worked. So I went back to my floor and everything was normal. I am sad now

  5. I wanna try it but the fact that I need to be all alone gives me the creeps😬 can I at least be with my best friend?!

  6. I try this ONCE in a hotel elevator. And i swear when i reach the fifth floor, and the elevator doors open. I LEGIT THOUGHT THE GAME WORKS AND I JUST STARE AT THE FLOOR, AND I REALIZE THE PERSON WEARS CROCS. i swear im even more scared than be4, because it was a middle aged MAN

  7. only nctzens can get it
    the members on the 10th floor be like: LETS PLAY THE ELEVATOR GAME! WHO'S IN?

  8. In my country, pressing elevator buttons randomly is forbidden. I knew that I shouldn’t do it because I watched one of the safety videos about it. I think that it only affects children.

  9. I actually tried this with a friend back in October but my building only has 4 floors so we tried it in the building next to mine which has 13 floors at 1AM in the night and it still didn't work.

  10. I am a child and I just got scared 😢😢😭 I just want to forget or else I will cry rellary I am a child studying 6th

  11. I dont have a elivator i have neighbors and im not on the 10floor im on the 5floor and my door number is 19so…yeah!?!?!?!!!

  12. im not even gonna try because if someone talks to me i would immediately answer-
    and me don't wanna die UwUz

  13. I have not but i have watched videos of a young girl who played the game then wound up being found dead in the hotel water tower days later

  14. My boyfriend is the one who wants to do it again but I swear he doesn't know what happens when he gets in

  15. Before, we lived in a building with 9 floors. Me:phew!
    Now that we moved to a different place Me:Uh-Oh

  16. Is it just me or do I think that the world is a video game for god think about god is bigger than humans and the world so it makes sence

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