The "Dragon Game Project". Video Update 3


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Bam, another one video update! So much time has been passed since the last video update of our game project. Nope, the project wasn’t abandoned, I was keeping updating mostly on my Twitter and our Discord server, and almost forgot about YT.

Things has been added:
-brand new Lizardman movements and animations. He can now switch between anthro or feral movements
-Lizardman wearing
-melee attack components, damage UI
-new huuman characters
-new animations for dragons, including new emotes, bipedal modes and sneaking states
-new attack UI
-new test level “Lizardmen Settlement”
-bombs throwing and catching.

Working at this moment:
-customizable dragon
-new UIs
-general code improvements
-custom IK
-fixing multiplayer.

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38 thoughts on “The "Dragon Game Project". Video Update 3

  1. Timecodes:
    00:00 – Lizardmen Settlement
    02:45 – Lizardman: Anthro body mode locomotion
    03:00 – Lizardman: Feral body mode locomotion
    03:25 – Lizardman: Attack in pounce
    03:52 – Lizardman: Melee attack
    04:08 – Dragon: New emotes
    04:40 – Dragon: New Maw catching animations
    05:16 – Dragon: Sneaking Mode 1
    05:30 – Dragon: Sneaking Mode 2
    05:45 – Dragon: Bipedal Mode
    06:26 – Dragon: Paws attack
    06:45 – Dragon: Paws attack on Destructables
    07:24 – Dragon: Bombs catching and throwing

  2. Huh, there is quite some interesting mechanics there, and the lizardmen village itself looks rather nice, some even set up to worship some idol of theirs. First I got a bit of Drakan vibe from it, then when you switched over to dragon and approached the humans… Dragonstrike! ( ), in some missions the dragon would nag you that he is hungry. Guess what if you landed 🙂

    What the game needs the most in my opinion is mechanics. There is plenty of it already, good, and it is just asking for the more, that is! To have at least some basic AI, to allow for setting up an enjoyable raid on a fortification and such. Then probably riding could also be interesting given those agile lizardmen, even from the dragon's perspective (a rider isn't necessarily one being in charge, depending on the direction of the game, I could envision such a scenario where you would have to carry someone somewhere safely). The graphics feels sufficient to me, a single dragon in my opinion is enough unless you have the resources for creating more or it is just part of the fun creating more of them. Get it ready for some multiplayer fun, I guess, then it may become even the more motivating to mess around with it.

    Drakan, if you can recall it, played it, could be a good example in this regard, it had dragon versus dragon mode, which was quite fun, and that doesn't even necessary demand any AI, if your dragons have some breath, and damage mechanism exist, it shouldn't be a big stretch to have something alike, given that it seems to me that physics and flight already works well enough. Spacious caverns, canyons can make an interesting environment for it where you can use the terrain to your advantage, and would have to think in three dimensions given their flight, a quite unique experience. Maybe you did something alike already, just raising it, just in case.

  3. Really rooting for this game to happen, looks good and your progress is consistent, it already looks leagues ahead of day of dragons and so keen to get playing as a Dragon 😀

  4. Amazing work!! I love the animations, and I think that the lizardman and Dragons have awesome designs. I can't wait to see more updates, Good Luck with this project!!

  5. Милые, конечно, но почему ходит так, будто яйца ляжки трут?

  6. This is so cool! I absolutely love the models, and the lore weaved into the settlement, with the lizard men praying to the statue and stuff. Keep up the good work!

  7. I have never heard of this game or seen it until I happen to come upon it right now, I can't wait to see where this is will go!

  8. That dragon needs so much work. contact me if you want a dragonologist help on it. Look up unka the dragon for unity for some inspiration. I wish I could help some one on a game as a reference and I specialize in the four legged kind, but I do know my way around the other dragons and their close cousins.

  9. I'm actually crying…This is a beauty! It looks soooo gooood! Why have I not seen this sooner?????????? MUCH LOVE TO YOU AND THE GAME💖💖💖💖💖

  10. This looked SO fucking cool!!! I would stab someone just to play as a lizardman and run around like a little drake killing people.

  11. Hello! Found your channel today! Where i can join your discord? After DoD scam and failed game i wanted to search another real game in development and found yours. Congrats for this im hyped!

  12. this is starting to look like it could work well as either an intense pvp game or a relaxing rpg at the same time. I am the Excite

  13. I dunno what dumbass thinks this is comparible to Day of Dragons but they look like two very different games. The only connection between the two I can see is that they have dragons…….. Either way I can't wait for both games!!!!

  14. now this is something i can get behind. id love to alpha test this. so much potential, such a project, so long to wait. GL mate, looking forward to it

  15. Owwww , this is soooooooooooooo amaizing!!! You’ve done a gorgeous job ! Please ceep doing!!!

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