SUBSTITUTE Formula in Excel

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SUBSTITUTES formula substitutes existing text with the new specified text in text string

Live Example here:

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9 thoughts on “SUBSTITUTE Formula in Excel

  1. Holy cow Dude, this is increible – adding this to nested substitute is what I needed, !


  2. Can we use wildcard character in Substitute function? for example, I want to remove all characters after the symbol @, hence can we use Old text "@*" New text "". The reason why I need to use Substitute is because of the Instance_num function, because there are multiple @ symbols in a cell.

  3. Hello Summit,

    I have faced one problem in relates to this substitute function and example is AssAdeAcs like this now i want only substitute 1st two A A after this the word would look like CssZdeAcs but how i could not find the proper function to replace only two times AA not 3 times A..Could you please help me.

  4. I have an excel data sheet in which there are more than 1000 words – Column A with old text and Column B with new text. Company provides me a paragraph where I have to replace old text with new text. Multiple substitutes can’t be used if it exceeds the limit. Is there a way out?

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