Spinnerz – Master Your Spin


Master your spin with SPINNERZ™, the original gripping disc target
game. Lock yours on. Knock theirs off. It’s that easy with one-of-a-kind
SPINNERZ grip disc.
Play almost anywhere… indoors or outdoors. Great for tailgating.
Lightweight and portable, SPINNERZ features ultra-quick setup. Includes 6
SPINNERZ grip discs, target goal with ground stakes, and carrying case. For
ages 8+.

Choose these party games for adults from Zume Games when you need an
indoor or outdoor activity that’s portable, simple, and fun for all skill levels.
What makes these great party games for adults?
● They combine skill and strategy for maximum fun
● Players can change the rules to fit the party mood
● Games are portable & come with their own carrying cases

With these birthday party games for kids ages 8 and up, they’ll have instant
party fun. These Zume Games can be played indoors or outdoors and are
simple to learn.
What makes these great birthday party games for kids?
● Lots of creative ways to play
● Easy and fun for a mix of ages
● Made from durable, high-quality materials designed for safe play

These beach games for kids and adults add to your fun in the sun. Zume
Games for the beach are quick to set up and easy to play.
What makes these great beach games?
● Simple and fun for a mix of ages
● Easy to clean
● Portable carrying case comes with multi-piece games

These camping games from Zume Games are a fun way for adults and kids
to enjoy the outdoors. They are durable and easy to take along.
What makes these great camping games?
● Fun and easy to play
● Portable carrying case comes with multi-piece games
● Made from durable materials designed for safe play

These backyard games from Zume Games are fun for adults and kids. They
are easy to set up, simple to learn, and convenient to store.
What makes these great backyard games?
● Fun combination of skill and strategy keeps games interesting
● Durable materials are designed for safe play
● Space-saving storage cases come with multi-piece games

Indoor party games from Zume Games add to the fun for adults and
for kids ages 8 and up. Play them in any 10-by-20-foot clear area with
8 feet of overhead clearance.
What makes these fun indoor party games?
● Simple to learn and easy to play
● Fun for a variety of ages
● Mix strategy and skill to keep the party lively

Games for tailgating from Zume Games are an easy way to add even more
fun to your next tailgate party. Carry them in the back of your vehicle and
you’re ready to play!
What makes these the perfect games for tailgating?
● Fun and easy to play
● Simple or no assembly
● Portable carrying case comes with multi-piece games

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3 thoughts on “Spinnerz – Master Your Spin

  1. Not a good game not well built..will last forever if you super glue every part..frustrating hard to score..I really want to like this game and it is an awesome concept but it doesn't deliver 1.5 out of 5

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