Sorcerous Stabber Orphen 2020 vs 2001 | Which Is Better?


Sorcerous Stabber Orphen is one of my favorite anime series ever – As its recently had a 2020 reboot i wanted to compare Sorcerous Stabber Orphen 2020 to its original 2001 series. Which Did it better? Sorcerous Stabber Orphen 2020 vs 2001! Want more #SorcerousStabberOrphen content? Then Subscribe to Game Hog:

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Sorcerous Stabber Orphen in 3 Minutes:

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Light Novel Audiobook:

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45 thoughts on “Sorcerous Stabber Orphen 2020 vs 2001 | Which Is Better?

  1. David Matranga, the English Voice of Orphen has officially seen this video! <3

  2. I find the 2020 version a bit harder to get into because of the pacing. It is probably because my introduction to Orphen was the 2001 version but I find the characters a bit weaker and behave in ways I wouldn't expect, namely, I would never expect Orphen to explain himself to Volcan or Dortin as he does in the 2020 version.

  3. I like both I still love the original and and really like the new version but I agree I prefer the original design of the dragon compared to the new version when I saw it in the first episode I was like really wow I guess they downgraded the design for dragon.

  4. Idk i just absolutely loved the first one it was dramatic dark and paced so well not to mention the music just went really well and made things so nice (band nerd moment). And I really like the old art styles (I enjoy the new ones too just some of the opd ones made me so happy) orphan in particular was just so pretty to me i havent watched the new one yet I probably will but I'm pretty sure I'll like the old one more

  5. the art style feels alot less detailed in the 2020 one and it feels alot less subtle… i will also say i liked the original vulkan and doltan og voice actors with this all said im undecided if i life it… either way ill give it a fair go

  6. I like the closer adaptation and larger focus on other classmates it shows more drama and better attachment of when he fights his former classmates

  7. I liked both Orphen anime. While the version that came on in the late 90s, and early 2000s is still one of my most favorite anime of all time, I'd admit the 2020 FMAB style reboot/remake that's a more faithful adaption of the original manga/light novel is just as good, and yes I'm so happy that both of the original VA's who played Kyralanceo/Orphen in the 90s-2000 version reprised their role. Though if you haven't read the manga and only seen the original version of the anime here's a "spoiler alert" concerning what's to come for the future seasons of the 2020 reboot the Stabber part of the title isn't just for show as the manga/novel reveals that Orphen during his time as a student at the Tower of Fangs was the only pupil who studied in Childman's class to be selected to be a Stabber and receive the training that comes with now for those of you confused basically according to the manga a Stabber is a sorcerer who is a assassin that specializes in killing rouge sorcerers, and Orphen will utilize the spells and assassination techniques he learned in his Stabber training but only as a last resort due to the fact Orphen has a strong disdain for killing, and let's just say Azalie's true alignment isn't on the good side and this is due to her having a split personality along with the fact she had crush on Childman, and Childman actually doing the right thing and politely telling Azalie they can't be a couple due to the fact he's her teacher is what trigger's Azalie's new single-minded obsession with getting stronger and learning more powerful spells which is what led to her transformation into Bloody August, along with her descent into main villain status starting with her becoming human again by using a body switching spell when she encountered Childman and basically inhabit Childman's body while he's forced into her new dragon body.

  8. I personally hoped the remake/reboot would of been a prequel that would lead to Orphen as an adult like start out with him as a kid learning magic/magick for a season or 2 and then the next season have him grow up as an adult experienced and let us get the chance to bond with his sensei who he loved so much. I hate how new anime rushes things it's bullshit and frustrating!

  9. 2020 is supposed to be an almost direct adaption of the light novels both shows are based on.
    2001 just took some plots and made a series about them, while overly extending the Azalie plot.
    Because of that, you see a lot more info on lore in the new show compared to the 2001 series. In the 2001 version a lot is left unexplained, they mention the heavenly
    beings and deep dragon but never explain what they are, or anything basically. in the 2020 version you reach the deep dragon saga and Orphen goes and explains a lot about them and more, like he did in the books, which had more developed lore.
    Now, I haven't seen beyond the deep dragon saga in the 2020 yet, but if they are truly adapting the books, every character will be developed way
    better in comparison to the original, Because while the 2001 version had better art style (supposedly) the show's plot was a shadow of its original source material.

  10. I will tell you why the 2001 dub of orphen is like that or at least the first season
    Steven foster
    He's an adr director and script director
    He's known if he doesn't like the show he dubs even if there's fans he will butcher the shit out of it wuth terrible "cool and edgy" dialogue and bad voice acting aka all of his dubs like steel angel kurumi,this ugly yet beautiful world,sayuiki,ghost stories and generator gawl
    And in his interviews he seems to be really unprofessional and a bit of douchebag to the point of saying that anime fans who want faithful dubs are entitled brats
    He retired in 2014 from sentai
    Thanks god
    Also don't go on the anime news network forms and say you hate or don't like steven foster
    The forms are awful as they are with any different opinions or the "standards" of the forms will be eaten alive and that's also the case
    They will try to prove you opinion as wrong by saying false rumors that the original company allowed that but there's the saying that "if you could doesn't mean you should" and blindly following foster's hate on the original versions he did (ghost stories,this ugly yet beautiful world and generator gawl especially)

  11. I refuse to watch this new reboot series, and no matter what, dubbed versions make me gag, so… 90's subbed version is best. The only problem is you can't find the entire series anywhere. I've been stuck for years. If anyone knows a site that has all the episodes subbed and working, then I'm all ears. Even though I wasn't able to finish it, but I immediately took a liking to it. And yet the first seconds of the reboot make me cringe.. Recent anime seems to do that to me

  12. I dont like how the new version of azalie as a dragon. He can fight in the new one. I like the old openings but the new one is ok

  13. I still have my original ADV complete collection DVD set, RIP ADV (I loved the secret menu video that had in one of the dvds that I think was a video they sent to fans back in the day explaining "sorry we messed up the translation we promise to fix it as best we can moving forward")

  14. Dayum ,i just heard of this and im pumped for it,i HOPE…..HOPE….it show's respect to the old orphen episodes,but yeah im super happy that orphen is still a subject in this day

  15. Ok…i didnt know that orphen had a old anime and this is a reboot 😅 but i still kinda like the new one

  16. i mean going back to the introduction of 2001
    if some man or woman (depending on your preference) in beat up clothes was staring at you from a tree every single day for an entire year would any of you find that endearing?
    and in Claiomh's case she sees a "peeping tom" so she drags the sword she was just given as a present to slice apart the guy? thats just pure convenience for the sword to appear before Orphen. Would you go on to stalk and chase that guy down?
    -if this was a dark fantasy like the OP implies would this type of character play such an integral role to the story
    on Azalie why kidnap the Everlasting Sisters, why would you even think Orphen would track them down…
    why choose the location Claiomh and Orphen just met
    the questions go further back

    where 2001 and the manga exist to ship these poorly written "side characters" who are shoved into prominent roles, 2020 just exists to ship Azalie which is why i'd assume the introduction was far different.
    as a result Claiomh comes off as less possessive and more tolerable imo in the latter

  17. I have a feeling that this might end up being like the Hellsing and Ultimate animes, people watching and loving both, they're different but they compliment each other and ad a result you get deeper into the world.

    Just my two cents.

  18. The one thing that I found really interesting about the reboot is the potential to see different variations of spells. They already established that the Tower of Fang is only one of the schools of magic out there in the first episode. I can't help but wonder what the other schools are like. Do they teach different types of spells? Is it known to be more or less dangerous than the Tower of Fang? Do they teach a different type of CQC? Also, Azalie has tried to use magic based on music but failed every time. I wonder if it's a reference to Mar from the Orphen video game. I don't think he'll be in the show, but I do believe that we might see one of the dragons using magic based on music like how the deep dragons use sight. Maybe we'll see one based on dancing as well like Sephy from the Orphen game.

    Also I love the new Cleo far more than the original one.

  19. el tono de los anime que se lograba en su diseño y paleta de colores de antes era mucho mejor. Los actuales pierden esa seriedad del momento en la escena. Antes las escenas eran de mayor intensidad.

  20. Absolutely great video . I'm a massive fan of both series but I prefer the newer due to being more accurate . Absolutely love the original series tho one of my all time favorite

  21. After hearing about this anime and seeing that it was a reboot, I decided to watch the 1998 one and the season II one as well. Have to say, season 1 was interesting since it was the Azali arc but the down side is that I had to get used to the Jessie & James duo being a nuisance over and over again lol. Season II felt more comedy focused and started to pick up at the end. But yeah, finally got to see the reboot and it's by far really good, it covers the Azali arc pretty well and covers more back story for certain characters and who they are. Still not done watching but can't wait to if season II will get a reboot as a continuation as well? Overall, in my opinion the reboot is by far better.

  22. I'm so happy to know that I'm not the only one who watched ORPHEN back then. It's not my favorite classic fantasy anime, but it left a lasting impact. The 2001 version undercut it's drama with cliche silliness often, but those dark moments still hit hard, and I'll remember them always.

  23. Excellent video; I am disappointed at the quality of the 2020 version. Although the 1998 version may not be high definition, the attention to the graphic quality and also the choices of soundtrack are phenomenal. The sequel Orphen revenge although not as serious as the 98' version, it still maintain most of the quality, albeit the excessive usage of "Blade of light" The Sorcerous Stabber Orphan has very special place in my heart for sure. The 98' version of the OPs and EDs blew 2020 version out of the water as well. After likes of Gundam UC(yes, this is an OVA), Kimetsu no yaiba, My hero Academia, One Punch Man; they prove that quality can still be achieved. 2020 Orphan for me is a let down. I am happy to see a new adaptation, but I really did have expectation that this needs to at least on par if not surpass the 98' version.

  24. I liked both, the first one was actually my first anime ever when I was a kid and I loved it! Still do I'm a huge fan so I'm really happy it got a remastered but I wish they had made the first season longer and more in depth like the old series did

  25. Oh God. I loved the opening and ending of Orphan.

    I hated how the 1990s version ruined itself over time. They had budget problems and the story became convoluted.

  26. I'm not a fan of the flat color pallet of the Orphen reboot it just doesn't fit the tone of the story. I kind of wish they left the Orphen anime series alone, it's a one of a kind that can't be redone with just new visuals and voices.

  27. I personally don't care if the Remake/Reboot Orphen series is better than the original 90's Orphen or not. I'm just glad they continued on with it. I been waiting since childhood for this Anime to return. And it has. So I don't care if it's better or worse than the original series. I still like it.

  28. This new anime sucks, so much plot rushed in the first three episodes nothing makes sense, bland characters everywhere…
    Also no 2001 dub problem for me because I watched the show in spanish dub and they do respect the original poetic japanese wording so 2001>2020, this remake is rubbish, I can't even wrap my mind around how bad this and many more animes are, the genre is just dead. It's like nowadays they invest all the money in animation and zero in script and character development. If I wanted to watch something with plain characters I'd choose any western comedy animation, that at least I know is going to make me laugh.

  29. I LIKE THE MAGIC MORE SO IN THE 2020 VERSION I'M HAVING AN ISSUE FINDING HIS OUTFIT IN COSPLAY FORM ESPECIALLY THE AMULET HE WEARS EVERYONE i ask has never heard of this anime series …. I also prefer the older them opening verses the new theme opening

  30. On latin america we had a dub that translate really well the japanese version, so on latinamerica clearly the og orphen series is better than the 2020

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