Slendytubbies 2 with YAMIMASH


The sequel to the game that brought Slender into the world of SLENDYTUBBIES!! Jumpscares! Laughs! Silliness! Nostalgia! This game has it all!
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49 thoughts on “Slendytubbies 2 with YAMIMASH

  1. God, coming back after all these years and still in the Slendytubbies fandom, playing the 3rd game almost daily, the nostalgia hits like a car man… Looking at all the old models, all the old places, seeing how much the game has changed in lore, characters, and setting, and now is more than just a multiplayer game, it's just amazing… Where's my Slendytubby squad at?

  2. The teletubby language sounds like an angry scottish or irsh person. Just me who hears that? Ok…

  3. How To Not Get Hate But You Hate The Video ( I Liked It Alot It's Just Somethin' I'm Doing For Fun )

    Speak Mariplier New Language:


  4. 'i'm gonna kill you dead' 'they wanna kill me dead' these lines never get old

  5. Someone gotta animate this with funny moments and mark’s scary voice impression BUT ALSO FUNNY can someone please make markiplier and yamimash animated slendytubbies (funny moments)

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