Skating to work, skitching home


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Watch this video to see city inline skating at the utmost. Skating in the rain, hill bombs, jumps and skitching. Shaun from Shop Task Skates bombs down hills in the rain on his way to work and catches a couple different skitches on the way home.

When skating in the rain it is really important to minimize slip by keeping your feet under your body. The strides should be short. Turns should be approached with care. Watch out for leaves, bags or anything that might cause you to lose contact with the ground during a stride.

Skitching is the name given to the act of riding behind a motor vehicle by grabbing onto the bumper or wheel well of a car. At age 8 I first saw someone sliding behind a van. The roads were iced over from a few months of winter and the boy held on to the ladder built onto the van and slide behind. I remember thinking “That is amazing. It looks like so much fun.” A few years later a friend showed me the Sega Genesis game called “Skitchin”. In the game inline skaters race through the city on inline skates skitching on cars and doing misty flips off of knocked over street signs. 25 years later I am still playing “Skitchin” but now I am playing it in real life and it is a heck of a lot more fun.

Check out Skitchin on Sega Genesis

0:25 First skitch, fail
0:55 Downhill begins
2:48 The cutest heel brake stop
4:30 Skitching on bus
5:05 Sketchy skitch on SUV. All caught up.
6:45 Some fancy footwork and skitch on a friendly car

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43 thoughts on “Skating to work, skitching home

  1. Ceramics only when wet outside? If so… Do you need to immediately clean ceramic bearings after riding them through the rain? My dream is powerslide torrent rain wheels with ceramic bearings. What was your setup?

  2. New to the skating stuff but is it legal to ride that stuff in the Street ? …and what would u recommend for a beginner

  3. I wear a helmet when skitchin, same when I'm on my bike with traffic. You do you tho dude, hardcore!

  4. Pegar traseira sempre do lado do motorista e atrás de todas as rodas do veículo. Pegar traseira na janela do carro, há sempre o risco da última roda passar por cima, na melhor das hipóteses, no patins. Ahhh estes fones de ouvido soltos assim… pode enrolar na rodinha e travar tudo… experiências que já ocorreram comigo. Adorei o vídeo!!! Que rolê, passeio mais gostoso!!! Vem patinar em Belo Horizonte – MG -Brasil. Asfalto liso e desafios para todos os níveis!!! @thiagol.vilaca

  5. I just do not understand why do you think it is ok to touch other peoples cars. So I can grab your backpack and you give me a ride?

  6. New Update: Skitching really lets you grasp the nature of the vehicle's engine. A Pickup truck's engine is not to be trifled with.

  7. I love ur videos. thanks for sharing….I still cant get myself to skate without pads even though i rarely fall…havent skitched in quite awhile since people here in tucson arizona dont like to use turn signals…arrrgh

  8. A new discovery: The hardness of the wheel tends to influence the skitching experience. I was on 90A wheels, currently switched to 84A wheels. When skitching on the harder former, the velocity felt consistent. When skitching on the latter softer ones, the velocity felt shifty, like I was always being catapulted, like more speed was being poured in (i didn't fancy that feeling at all). When I let go of the vehicle on harder wheels, I maintained the speed. On softer ones, I lost speed instantly.

  9. how name of you skitching rollerblades in this video, and what are name of top rollerblades for skithcing pls say me

  10. hi i from russia, we have most bad roads, and scithing on russian roads
    it's like russian roulette – -5sm depth pits, +5 sm lukes or "Recumbent
    policeman"/PATCHS, i need rollerblades looks tank chassis for bad roads
    or what? (with elevated first small roll) – for overcoming it. i work
    courier on fixed gear bike in good weather but it so hard. i need fast
    simple vehicle with free riding like bycicle, but need non Muscular
    strength, like skithcing on the rollerblades. so i need rollerblades for
    fast riding (skitching) on bad roads, Can you advise something? also i
    need powerfull electro magnet for skitching all vehicles without regular
    searching "skitching" places+without fearing broke body elements (new
    low cost cars have soft plastic elements). Can you advise something?

  11. ебать шаман, что творит o_O… хули ты выебываешься так? довыебываешься.

  12. I have to skate to work I'm using indoor quad inline skates, should I buy roller blades, replace my wheels with outdoor ones? What should I do?

  13. I picked up skating in like 15 minutes after trying it and the next morning I rode all around my neighborhood holding on to bikes I call it bitching skitching on bikes

  14. My right ear is loving this video!

    BTW, what wheels are you running on wet tarmac there? And what wheels do you recommend for wet whether in general?

  15. i haven't been using a heel brake because i thought it was perceived as uncool is this just a myth because this guy looked cool.

  16. One more tip for skitching: DO. NOT. SKITCH. A CONCRETE MIXER TRUCK! There are exceptions to vehicles you can grab a hold of. A concrete mixer is one of them.
    Be careful not to grab onto the side where the trough is pointing down. OMG! I was skitching one of these yesterday and the trough where the cement comes out was point-blank in my face.
    Every second of the trip I feared the driver might be a mad mood and the sight of a blader hanging on to the back could trigger him to release the lever and empty the cement in my face. The whole time my eyes were shifting between the side mirror reflecting the driver and the trough. Like, would he dare? LOL!

  17. Tractor units that transport cargo crates and dumper trucks are a skitching-blader's best friends. These vehicles roam at controllable speeds and their slow pace lets me cruise slowly. Since they don't go really fast, I seize the chance to relax and devote my attention to visually looking to the sides to visually absorb the moving scenery.
     Also for tractor units, if any motorists behind me bully me about being towed by the tractor or the rains start to pour, I can dive underneath the space of the crate, hold tightly and hide stealthily.
    Skitching has never been about going really fast, it's about automation and sailing which is why I love these vehicles above those cars.

  18. Your skate shop has the best customer service ever.
    I ordered a pair of seba frx84s , but they said there was a 2 week out ofstock issue, they offered me a slightly more expensive, but beter quality skate for the same price! very nice people I reccomend this shop to anyone ordering high quality skates!

  19. Man, you seem like a great guy, with his own small business doing what he loves and passionate for. But that skitch man, you really shouldn't be supporting this kind of behaviour to the general public. I know you're a professional, but if some one else think's they're up for the challenge they could break something or atleast detour to the A&E.

    Anyways, sorry for being a stick in the mud, all and all, best of luck to you and your business! Subbed.

  20. i always duct tape my headphones to my ears. you're a way better sk8r than bill Stoppard. much more humble, and more stylish. watching ur vids make me more comfortable doing trix despite not having aggressive skates

  21. I love these videos. Please, make more like these. Like vlog-ish hahaha.

    I never knew how to inline skate but I found help from a teacher in my high school. She teaches me and I'm not very good yet, but my goal is to skate as comfortable as you!

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