Singing a Song I Made in Minecraft


I tried to make a hit song in Minecraft and it wasn’t easy! First I created different loop patterns of various instruments with redstone repeaters and note blocks. Then I put those loops together in different ways using a DAW to create and arrange a music track. Finally I wrote some melodies and lyrics and recorded myself singing and mixed it all together. This was initially just a silly funny experiment that quickly escalated into quite a serious project and I hope you enjoy the final song.

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Song produced by: Roomie
Additional production by: ILLBERG
Edited by Martin Olsson


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31 thoughts on “Singing a Song I Made in Minecraft

  1. This is one of my favorite songs.. His voice is so pretty when he added the part where he sang it really high, and put that and the low voice together.. its incredible!!

  2. Is there anything this man can’t do? This became my favourite song after watching this video the first time.

  3. Tommie:*gets a diamond armor and a shield in freaking creative*
    Minecraft players:unsub!!!,you are so stupid!,their litterly hostile to you in survival only gd damit

  4. He turned that out pretty nice and professional sounding. He also has a good singing voice. Wouldn't be surprised if he had a song on any radio station.

  5. If you are one of the 250 people that disliked this vid, you should be ashamed of yourself. This songs is literally made by Minecraft and then played on Spotify. Bro.

  6. Holy hell this is such a freaking jam!! The entrance of that really quick beat at 13:49 is so frickin satisfying. And your higher vocals later. Sheesh. How is this Minecraft song hitting me so hard right now…"No one dares to be honest in this little town" I dunno man. I'm having some serious feels!

  7. I knew this song from Spotify I would've NEVER thought that it was made with musicblocks in minecraft whaaat

  8. the video: *is supposed to be about making music*


  9. This is amazing! I have been playing Minecraft all my life and I can't do anything close to this.

    Roomie can make music in Minecraft but doesn't know how to clear the weather of make it into peaceful. Wow.

  10. as a former minecraft professional his knowledge of you can turn mob spawning off and turn off the weather cycle and change the weather is painful

  11. Me. Roomie why are you using armour in creative
    Roomie. so i can't die
    Me. but in creative you can't die you can only die if you fall into the void

  12. I love you roomie no homo but I just am starting to write songs I wish I could get some help if you could help I would mention you on my channel and you can sing it with me but I really want to write a song for my gf

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