Shorebreak that will wreck you over and over (and over)


From stoke – to shock – to fear – to regret
…in under 5 seconds flat

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Fresh bodyboarding and surf clips uploaded weekly at Aussie reefs/slabs and beach breaks. Bodyboarding POV in with Sony Action Cam at gnarly reefs.

GRiZ x Big Gigantic – Good Times Roll
*I do not own copyright to this song. All rights are owed to the respectful artist.

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Main Bodyboard: QCD Custom-made Board

Backup Bodyboard: NMD Quad Conclave ISS PFS3

Leash: Nomad Bicep Leash

Main Fins: MS Vipers Yellow Dot

Backup Fins: Limited Edition Fins

Savers: Limited Edition Velcro Flipper Savers

Socks: Ocean & Earth Neoprene Booties

Wetsuit: Attica 3/2mm Front-zip Steamer

Main Camera: Sony Action Cam FDRX3000

Backup Camera: GoPro 5 Black

Mouth Mount: Dummy Mount V2

Floaty: GoPro Backdoor Floaty

Camera Leash: Ho Stevie GoPro Leash

Anti-Fog Product: Sony Anti-Fog Sheet

Other Mounts: KNEKT Board Mount KSBM

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro


Shorebreak that will wreck you over and over (and over)


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27 thoughts on “Shorebreak that will wreck you over and over (and over)

  1. I love shorebreak so much. especially with those Costco softops. don't have to worry about breaking your board or nothing and you drop in earlier too so you get a longer ride

  2. Many memories came to me…. years ago in South America in the pacific coast, a lot of friends, me, an old match 7-7 and nice waves like those.

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