[SFM] Five Nights At Pinkie's


Welcome to Pinkie’s Pizzeria! There’s nothing fishy here at all, except the smell. Which are the anchovies of course! Fillies and colts sure love their pizza! Sure the place looks a bit worn down, but we promise nothing but the safest environment for your child. Just remember, leave by closing time, otherwise any liabilities is off our hooves. And don’t stare into the animatronics. They don’t like that.
Whooo! Finally finished this piece! Took long enough. Sorry ‘bout that, but the intro and outro (which you gotta stick around for after the credits seriously don’t just close afterwards I promise you) took a bit and then reworking a certain animatronic to get her working right.
This short was premiered at Ponyville Ciderfest in early November 2014. You can take a look at the SFM-Ponies panel I was a part of, as well as Argodaemon and Vulsegardt, here:
LINKS FOR CREDITS (Ya’ll should follow/subscribe/watch/etc. these peeps)
WhiteSkyPony’s model:

Benno950’s model:
o.s.jinx’s lightless FNAF Map:

DAT BRONY STAN for making the “MY FUN TIME” posters:

TheHoboCouncil for making the Door/Light buttons:

Tablet from Workshop:

Scott Cawthon, who made the Five Nights At Freddy’s series:

PurpleRoselyn for performing as the best Rainbow Dash:

Pitch PegasusVA for making Purple sound like she’s on the phone:
Also, if you’re interested, you can try out Five Nights At Freddy’s on steam. Heck the sequel came out if you haven’t played that. They’re 2spooky4me. D:
I own nothing!

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27 thoughts on “[SFM] Five Nights At Pinkie's

  1. my five nights of pinkies ideas
    toy bonnie-twilight
    toy foxy/mangle-applejack
    toy chica-fluttershy
    toy freedy -pinkie

  2. my ideas
    foxy-rainbow dash
    toy freddy-applejack
    toy bonnie-twilight
    toy chica-fluttershy
    toy foxy/mangle-rainbow dash

  3. How do we download it at playstore i keep writing five night at pinkie but it gave me nothingggg sooo how do u did it

  4. Ai uon dis fan game ai cnu der dis fan game bot di five night at pinke fan game soke ai uon dis five night at pinke

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