Scream With Me | Burd (Good Ending)


Skip to 39:30 if you’re just here for the ending. The rest is really emotional. I don’t know if this is a rage game, or I’m just really unlucky. 24:52 if you just want to see me lose my mind.

Alternate titles: We Are Broken, Flappy Bird Hell, and Die, Devil Bird!

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Normal Outro ► Turn Up, Let’s Go
Artist ► Jeremy Blake

Horror Outro ► Grind
Artist ► Andrew Huang


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9 thoughts on “Scream With Me | Burd (Good Ending)

  1. It wasn't designed as a rage game. The lightning rng and routing you need to take for the good ending follows undertale's "just because you can, doesn't mean you have to" philosophy.

    It's a test of patience and will to do the right thing.

  2. holy shit thanks for posting this, I kept being murdered by the lightning and i just could not be bothered to go on another try with the crappy randomized lightning.

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