Rodtang's Dangerous Muay Thai Style

Kinh Doanh

ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion Rodtang Jitmuangnon has been nicknamed “The Iron Man” for his relentless forward pressure, aggression, and ability to take damage as well as he can dish it out. Resident experts Michael Schiavello and Mitch Chilson break down the unique Muay Thai style that has made him a fan favorite in ONE Super Series.

Plus, relive the epic rematch between Rodtang and Jonathan Haggerty!

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45 thoughts on “Rodtang's Dangerous Muay Thai Style

  1. 5:30 Taking the bottom of your foot and placing it in your opponents face is the most disrespectful thing you could do in Thailand tradition. He paid for it.

  2. Rodtang …. WoW!!! Devastating power and unparalleled agression. The heart of a lion. Don't let's ignore Haggerty here though. What a fighter he is and what a fight he put up against Rodtang. He can feel no shame in losing this fight.

    Wonderful, amazing
    Thanks for sharing
    From France 🇫🇷

  4. Thai boxers together can have a Muay Thai formula to beat the Rodtank, but Europeans have a low IQ, so cannot fight a Rodtank.If wanting to win the Rodtank, must be skilled boxing, clever tactics, use good legs, especially kicking, kicking and kicking.Use long legs, pedaling long.

  5. Rodtang's weakness is counter fighters. We saw this in his fight with petchdam years ago and his recent fight in Rajadamnern Stadium. He's my favorite current fighter in Muay Thai but I want to see him evolve further and then beat Petchdam in ONE. He just better not swing wide open like he has done before because it may cost him points.

  6. ชกเเบบรถถังไปที่ไหนก็ไม่อาย รักรถถัง❤❤

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