[Rant] My Ideal AC Game [Stream Highlight]


Rant / Leo Talks
What Is Your Ideal Assassin’s Creed Game?

I’m asked on stream what my ideal Assassin’s Creed game is. I cover story, themes, aesthetics, movement, stealth, combat, and location.


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40 thoughts on “[Rant] My Ideal AC Game [Stream Highlight]

  1. A lot of things I agree with here. I'm gonna sound like a broken record here but Assassin's Creed has slowly lost it's identity over the years. The 3 core pillars of AC are navigation, stealth, and combat, and you touched on all of these points really well.

    You mentioned advanced controls for parkour, and that is something I 100% agree with, give the player more freedom of movement and focus on that first, animations can come later but these animations should not slow down the player that breaks the momentum. The side eject and back ejects created better puzzles in the earlier games.

    "If you sneak up behind a guy, he's dead", this. This is so important. You also brought up ghosting, and yeah, being able to sneak through a place without being noticed or sneak out after assassinating a target would be ideal. The Black Box missions of Unity and Syndicate are personally, one of the highlights for me because the concept and execution of them were pretty well made, I wish they expanded more on those in future games.

    Personally, Unity's combat was one of the better combat systems that sadly fall apart once you get better gear as the challenge is no longer there. However, the original AC1 combat has a special place in my heart for some reason. Enemy being sponges are just not the way to go for AC, I get that Ubisoft wants to lure the GA more, I understand, but achieving that by trying to be another game will just make you lose another section of the player base.

    I love this franchise, I really do but it's slowly becoming more of a love-hate feeling towards it. The newer games are fine as games, I enjoy them to a certain extent, but they just aren't the games I wanted as an AC fan. Honestly, Alex Amancio with the idea of revisiting AC1 and reinventing the mechanics of that game is a good idea which is why I enjoyed Unity quite a lot actually. It may not have been the perfect execution of it but it was a decent attempt.

    Good video btw, I should probably pop in to one of your streams one day haha

  2. Among the stuff you said, I’ve always wanted the games to be challenging. This can be implemented with a hard mode, but I play with no HUD as it forces me to plan and strategise, keep my eye open and use Eagle Vision. But the enemies should be really smart and difficult, give us a reason to be more stealthy, there’s not much of a penalty to go and kill everyone. Maybe having guards recognise that other guards are now missing, raising alarms with bigger repocusions, adding more threat level with more guards stationed around the city if you become some murdering maniac. Along with the tenants, killing guards in street should be done in a stealthy way, if you kill guards infront of the public, they should be calling guards over for help and your popularity with the public will lower. Yet if you kill guards harassing the public, asassinating tyrants etc, this will favour the Creed with the public. This will up the usage with abilities like ‘Throw Money’ allowing you to assassinate guards while everyone is distracted while being a blade in the crowd, hell even poisoning them as it doesn’t produce blood and cause everyone to scream. I want to feel the pressure that my actions have consequences and that enemies will shred me if I make a mistake. I play games like Skyrim and Fallout with no HUD, hardest difficulty and saving only in a bed. This allows me to plan out attacks and keep my wits about me. If I fuck up, I lose alot, and it forces me to use abilities that are seen as less used such as Calm spells, Battle Cry etc if things get risky. There’s a huge penalty to me if I die, and implementing a hard mode in AC that gives me the same feeling would be brilliant!

  3. This is essentially a 30 minute video of why I don't like Origins, and by extension Odyssey. You don't really feel like a brotherhood assassin and other of those. I get the appeal of seeing the dawn of the assassins, but I still like my hood and cloak all the same. And enemies that you can't stealth assassinate? That's some bulshit right there. Looking at YOU leveling system. I really hate it when a game to find what I can and can't do buy arbitrary numbers above NPC's heads.

  4. Totally agree with you about the feel of Origins. I love Origins, but after playing the first game, Origins does feel a bit distant. Not too much, just a tiny bit

  5. What i really shame for me about Origins and Odyssey is the parkour System,they turn it into the simpler versions of The kenway saga parkour,but on the other hand for me at least Origins is better because it has the lore and the story of AC.Bayek is the kind of Character that i already wished we got Since Edward and then…..they fucked it up with Odyssey.Hope Valhalla could improve what Origins has done,both Gameplay and story/lorewise,and please Ubisoft remake AC1,at least give it an Ezio trilogy parkour and the more balanced version of Brotherhood's combat.

  6. The movement difficulty setting idea is actually pretty freaking amazing. I would love that even though I enjoy the simpler movement imputs. It just adds an extra layer and I would find it fun to explore all of these things Leo K mentioned.

  7. For Odyssey and Orginin and the upcoming Vahalla, I honestly don't know wth Ubisoft is thinking anymore, are they trying to explicitly tell the story of the Pieces of Eden or sth ?

  8. I don't know how these new "AC" games have such high metacritic scores… Sadly as a consequence they might keep laughing these weird type of AC games unfortunately.

  9. Leo K are u really genuine having fun in Unity?
    I heard the passion and a slight sad tune when u speak in this stream.
    As Whitelight just featured u as the advance techniques tutor of ACU, I definitely hear the disappointment that some parkour is missing in Unity in your tune

  10. If Ubisoft really do a remaster of AC Unity with slight adjustment that done like AC3 (the low profile assassination etc), with a honest continuous support to the community like what the FXXK they done with odyssey will really bring this to the new heights.

  11. i like to think the combat got harder bc the characters weren’t as strong , idk im a little biased but i feel like ezio or altair or connor maybe could fuck up anybody w literal ease.

  12. The first ac game I played was Unity so I started with the easiest parkour but the hardest combat in all ac, btw why you say assassinos?

  13. Ezio for surely has a pet eagle. Lil homie is there every time Ezio reaches a viewpoint. And in one of the trailers where he's using the arrow flurry to kill all those dudes the bird is flying over and Ezio has one of it's feathers.

  14. Assassins creed origins had the worst hidden blade assassination like the dude should be dead if I got behind him and stabbed in in the neck but ohhh nooo you only do some damage if they are 3 levels higher than you

  15. Love the idea of multiple movement systems/mode. For comparisons racing games lets people choose between automatic or manual and in Ace Combat games they actually make 2 completely different control schemes for your preference (which is simple and expert)

  16. I think that the parkour should be more like mirror's edge, more mechanical than animation based… Maybe with a style button

  17. Assassin's Creed now is just 3rd person Far Cry. The homogenized Ubi worlds/gameplay that all their games follow, down to the reused assets, mission structure, in game visual indicators, and even mtx stores and their grind-culture implementation. Ubisoft since the broken release of Unity (a game despite its flaws is the most ambitious and fully realized Assassin's game, which I feel is the last time they truly strived for greatness) has further been testing to see how much they could get away with, which they did again recently with GR: Breakpoint. "If you build it they will come" only applies to a company that's more concerned with legacy than profit margins. Ubisoft is firmly planted in the latter. Which is sad to see that they can't even show gameplay in their gameplay trailer, I don't see them changing.

  18. I loved first AC. I felt more complicated to runaway or even fight a crowd. The 2nd one you're invincible

  19. I do like a degree of ghosting and nonlethal. Did a run of AC4 recently where I kept killing to a minimum. Now I don't want you to be able to fight just as well or stealth takedown just as well as lethal methods, because nonlethal should be more challenging, and when you get in a fight, you should have to come to a moral conflict of trying to get away, trying to somehow fight with nonlethal, or accept that you've been forced to take a life.

  20. 28:26 highlight of the video for me. As a teen I was obsessed with the modern day, the lore, and how the events of the past were leading up to something greater in the present day. The intrigue of the Isu, all the mystery the games used to have, the cryptic messages in AC1. The pointing out of Desmond at the end of AC2 and Revalations. The philosophies of the the two groups, the Assassins and the Templars, freedom vs control, chaos vs order, a conflict without end, it all culminated into what was Assassins Creed.

    There was a guy I went to school with, he may have liked AC even more than me, but when I tried to talk theories and predictions with him. The only concern in his mind was the next setting the game would take place in, and I was stumped. He didn't care one bit about the story, lore, characters but only setting and gameplay, which is fine, but isn't what I look for in AC. Can you guess which one of us got what we wanted in the end?

    AC now is exactly as that person wanted. The modern day is broken and dead, it has no direction. The Isu are still around, but the writers have no idea what they want to do with them. AC is just a historical (although lately they've been piss poor at being accurate) simulator and little else. The complexity of the older games is dead and buried.

  21. Your Stealth Reaper series gave me this idea. Ubi should copy Dishonored's high/low system but make it about stealth instead of chaos. Stealth players who stay true to AC are now encouraged to do so. Same applies for guys who want to be rambo. This choice system actually fits AC unlike dialogue options lol. Ofc this doesn't affect the ending unlike Dishonored. What it affects is how targets fortify their guards to prepare for you. A rambo player will have more brutes en route to his target. A stealth player will have more snipers to deal with. etc

  22. Perhaps Ubi is ditching many AC elements because the people who played those old games became old and stopped gaming

  23. Dialogue and deep discussions of AC1. I like how Unity is AC1’s gameplay spiritual successor, but the writing doesn’t make you give a f about Unity story and characters

  24. Sadly it looks like we're getting another Origins-Odyssey game with Valhalla. It looks like we'll never see another true Assassin's Creed game again, since Ubisoft seems to have just turned the franchise into bad Witcher 3 clones. Even though I love The Witcher games, I would prefer to have Assassin's Creed be what it used to be instead of it trying hard to be something that it isn't.

  25. I think we need a game that has combat from ac3, free roam from unity and a story from the ezio franchise. I really liked origins too, but that wasn't a true assassin's creed game for me.

  26. Exploring the consequences of militant anarchism vs submerged totalitarianism? Who even talks about that sort of thing in video games? What do you mean, Ubisoft?

    Joking aside, great rant! I think Watch Dogs 2 was a good example of Ubisoft returning to their narrative roots. I just wish some of the political philosophy of WD2 that sounded like old AC actually made it to new AC

  27. I was feeling dissatisfied over the newer games but could never put it into words, this guy over here gets an entire video script out of a Twitch comment and it's all so damn true. Bravo my man.

    I was re-playing AC4* and ACU at the same time, and even though Unity felt more modern I was having this weird sensation that Black Flag's movement was more free? And now i know why. Couldn't even finish both AC:O games, and now I can finally see a big chunk of what made it uninteresting to me.

    Worst of all, even though I've been approving of the current information we have on Valhalla, I don't know what to expect in terms of movement, polish, themes and overall mechanical consistency. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

  28. It's funny that if Ubisoft watches this video and follow your 'directions', they would create the best fucking assassin's creed ever

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