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New mechanics, new features, new sounds! A lot has changed since my last video on Pyoro 3…so here’s updated gameplay of it!

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Pyoro 3 is a continuation of the minigame Pyoro from WarioWare.

The game revolves around a little bird in a place where beans fall from the sky…endlessly, and when a bean lands on the ground it creates a gap. In Pyoro 3, Pyoro can spit seeds at the beans to pop them before they hit the ground; the more beans popped simultaneously, the more points you’ll earn. In Pyoro, there are three types of beans: green (normal) beans, white beans, and flickering beans. If Pyoro pops a white bean, an angel will appear and repair one tile in the ground. If Pyoro pops a flickering bean, the angels will repair up to 10 tiles and all the other beans on the screen will be cleared.

1 bean = 50 points
2 beans = 200 points
3 beans = 900 points
4 beans = 4000 points
5 beans = 5000 points
And so on…

Pyoro 3 adds a jumping mechanic and a new bean with new traits. This new bean can turn Pyoro into Super Pyoro. While under this effect, Pyoro will grow and become invincible, being able to walk across one-tile gaps and walk behind the boundary frame, with the side-effect of not being able to jump; instead of spitting several small seeds, Pyoro will spit one large seed that will move across the screen at a 45° angle, the more beans one large seed pops the more points you’ll earn…but it doesn’t stay on the screen for long. Minions will fly from one side of the screen to the other and will pop beans on their travel. This effect only lasts for a short period of time and can only be executed by letting either a white bean or a flickering bean fall beneath the ground.

If a bean lands on Pyoro the game will end. The longer Pyoro survives the faster the game will get. As you gain points the background and music will and alternate.


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2 thoughts on “Pyoro 3

  1. Nice, played it. Pretty nice and loyal to the original I liked it alot. More impressive that you made it on scratch. I think it's a bit too easy though, but thats fine I think. Btw do you have discord or something to chat on?

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