Pocahontas: Disney's Animated Storybook – Full Gameplay/Walkthrough (Longplay)


Full gameplay/walkthrough of Disney’s Animated Storybook: Pocahontas – Read and Play! Enjoy!


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32 thoughts on “Pocahontas: Disney's Animated Storybook – Full Gameplay/Walkthrough (Longplay)

  1. When Kekata throws special dirt in the fire pit for the third time, he'll say, "The visitors wish to cut down our forests."

  2. Usually when you click on Percy in the "Find Meeko" game, he'll let out growls, but if you're lucky to click on Percy, Meeko will pop out of a barrel beneath Percy.

  3. If you're lucky to click on the pile of cannonballs during the "Find Meeko" game, you'll see Meeko drop a cannonball causing it to roll down the deck and hit someone off-screen letting out a groan, causing Meeko to shrug and place another cannonball ball on top of a pile.

  4. The second page's original text was "Pocahontas always talked with me when she needed advice about her path in life. Her friends Meeko and Flit liked to come along when she visited me." That was shown in promos of Disney Animated Storybook series.

  5. If you click on John Smith the second time on the third page, he'll stand up and get pestered by Flit.

  6. After you click on John Smith on the fifth page who gives Pocahontas a hand shake, Meeko would be available to click on. When you do, he gives Flit a shake, prompting Flit to hit Meeko in the nose.

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  8. as old as this video this storybook plus the little mermaid and mulan are my absolute favorites to play as a kid this brings back memories

  9. I've Got The CD ROM Version Of Disney's Animated Storybook Pocahontas The Video Game On My 18th Birthday Back In Easter 2011. Thanks Mate. X

  10. I don’t recall a charger sound in the game when I was a kid 😂 46:28 I know it wasn’t my hearing

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