Paranoiac – RPGmaker Horror Game Manly Playthrough Pt.1


Paranoiac is a freeware horror adventure game by Uri made in WOLF RPG Editor. It involves spooky skeletons and a house that is really too big. Find future parts in this playlist:

Download Link & Information:

Highlights –
It Begins: 13:42
It Continues: 31:52
R Rated Scooby Doo: 45:14

“What the hell was that noise? No seriously I just heard a weird noise as I wrote this description. Remember me how I lived.”

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49 thoughts on “Paranoiac – RPGmaker Horror Game Manly Playthrough Pt.1

  1. Too bad he doesn't use a face-cam while he's playing cause I would just love to see the look on his face at: 46:23, 47:01, or really just through the whole game just to see how badly he freaks out when be gets spooked, being the badass hero he is.

  2. Is anybody else wondering why the sound of something hitting the floors sounds like a hollow box rather than something solid, like a coat rack, or a chair?

  3. I couldn't remember what happened to the original so I decided to watch this again before watching the remake. And 6y ago? I haven't even found Manly yet. I think I found him in 2014-2015. Best find yet.

  4. I can't find ManlyBadassHero old RPG makers game in his playlist so I depend on the remakes now since they're making more of them 😀

  5. So, the remake is super polished. The Sprite appears more often, and so your protag feels more like a character.
    Spoilers from now on, but I recommend the remake before the original.

    There's a rug on the second floor in the study covering the whole room vs. just a portion of it, because it's more likely and logical that a rug has stains than the floorboards being worn out (believable might be a more appropriate word?)

    In the dream for night one it simply shows the study, because it's more subtle and yet will have more of a bang later on in the story.

    The halls and rooms are indeed more clostrophobic like Manly pointed out in the remake.

    The dialogue hasn't been too changed, but I do appreciate where it has. Her inner monologues are what's mostly changed.

    For the first chase scene nothing was explained, because we know how detrimental tutorials and hand holding can be to an experience and immersion now.

    I don't think there was a mirror in the study. I wonder why it was taken away, but my guess is it was unnecessary clutter; much like a lot of stuff removed.

    There may be less hand holding, but the remake does give a lot of hints lol.
    The hints kinda added to the aunt and protag's believability though, showing they are people with problem solving skills.

    The monster's speed was reduced in the remake, but it helped with immersion to change it altogether. It also helped with the chase scene in the sewers where it did change speed; element of surprise and the unknown (which one is more appropriate…)

    The monster doe not have instant kills (except for being caught) in the remake to reduce RNG (not really RNG) and frustration. The ‘correct’ spots in the remake felt more scripted.

    In the remake when the lamp falls over she actually picks it back up, which makes a lot more sense. She also nnotices something in the coat pocket to reduce text rather than her thinking whether or not a key fell out of the coat pocket.

    The in-world avatar that faces you with its eyed hidden is a nice detail. It gets me every once in awhile.

    The original is definitely more scare focused, where as the remake does it's best to upkeep immersion so that the bittersweet story sticks with you; along with its horror.

    I won't really talk about the difference in quality of the art or anything of the like, because that's to be expected with age. I am happy the writing and editing improved alongside the former.

     ( khdo12346 ) Sound design was improved for general pleasantness and reduction in immersion disruption

    Comment anything I missed or may have incorrectly assumed in my monologue here lol

  6. Looks like it's not that the house in the remake is larger but… the MC is visibly smaller in this one! She's timy!

  7. Manly, Uri is making the remake of this game. Once it's finished, please play it again like you did on Uri's remake of Mermaid Swamp?

  8. Lol your stray dog comment made me think of Rule of Rose. You might enjoy playing that ps2 game, if you have the setup and opportunity! (I've been watching you for awhile, but if you did play it and in missed it, apologies!)

    I love your videos. I hope you're having a lovely day today.

  9. Is the monster real or a monster of her mind…

    Or your average transsexual ghost lol. Yes, MBH – sending hair is part of the new FeelOFax service… if you have the premium app, the only limit to what you could send is your imagination.
    That your voice can go that high (33:32) never fails to amaze me. 😀

  10. there's still more games by Uri right?I only know The Crookedman,The Sandman,Mermaid Swamp and The Boogie man._. need to search more:'3

  11. there's still more games by Uri right?I only know The Crookedman,The Sandman,Mermaid Swamp and The Boogie man._. need to search more:'3

  12. Really don't know what Uri was thinking, adding the footstep noises, and letting a phone ring for so long.

    The protag really needs to take her meds. Not once has she mentioned using them before bed.

  13. Has anyone told you that your 'dialogue' reading voice sounds like a mash-up of William Shatner and MGS' Snake? I dig it.

  14. 31:18 I'm starting to think the reason her aunt went insane was because for the ringtone on her phone she picked "MOST INCESSANTLY ANNOYING GODDAMN THING EVER". Holy crap that noise….

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