Paranoiac REMAKE – SLEEP TIGHT! Manly Let's Play [ 1 ]


Paranoiac is a game about moving into a place and the joy of home ownership. In particular this is the Remake of the original which is one of Uri’s (of Crooked Man fame) first games, and stylistically it’s changed quite a bit.

Paranoiac Remake Playlist:
Paranoiac Remake Info:

“Way too much square footage.”

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43 thoughts on “Paranoiac REMAKE – SLEEP TIGHT! Manly Let's Play [ 1 ]

  1. Damn I remember when pewdiepie played this and I watched it when I was little soooooo much nostalgia Im feelin right now.

  2. I heard in Japan, that some old properties are sold for cheap because the real estate would say that the previous owners spirits still lived there. Which kindaaa makes sense now with this game XD correct me if I'm wrong though!

  3. Can anyone help me with running this game? It keeps telling me it can't locate basic game data, and I'm not sure what to do. I'm using windows 10.

  4. So the screen on the thumbnail is completely just the games way of getting more players, right? No relation to the gameplay?

  5. I wish Markiplier can play the remake.

    He'll finally get that shower scene he hoped for even if it's just the mc from the shoulder up but close enough for him. Lol

  6. I dunno, the zombie face and the weird mumbling and whispering the spirit made in the original were super memorable and horrifying.

  7. The thing I like about horror games as opposed to movies is that in the movies they never show the character trying the key they just found on every single door in their house until they find the right one.

  8. Did you know 3rd shift game? Its emulator for old gameboy color.
    About the two chasing zombies from plastination display from roanoke mueseum.
    The old man bodyguard and the janitor are only living humans are the only companions for the player.

  9. 10:00 this is the time to leave the house and to commit arson.

    10:26 Retracting statement leaving didn't work

    13:23 Not a sound conclusion based on current events

    14:12 Plumber has the ability to open the door. Recommend stepping outside then arson

    18:21 Probably best and last chance to commit that arson

    26:02 Depending on insurance and other factors arson could solve 83% of the problem

  10. I remember Markiplier playing this long ago, damn. I really hope Ib
    gets an HD remake, its my favourite.

  11. I'm sad that the crawling zombie was changed, i understand tho since it was so scary but it was known throughout the game. :'((((

  12. I did not know this game had a remake until today! I knew about this game via Pewdiepie in 2011! Memories…

  13. It looks very much like a game I have already seen
    in that one there were blue monsters chasing the kids in there tho Aoi oni it was I think

  14. This game brings me back. Now that this game has been remade I can now make this joke. high five of death intensifies

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