Filled with mysteriously locked doors, the house has an oppressive air, and strange things keep happening to her.


【Paranoiac Remake】

Developer: Uri
Translator: vgperson
Download/Game Link:

About the Game:
Paranoiac is a freeware horror adventure game by Uri made in WOLF RPG Editor.

Miki Takamura moves into a house formerly owned by her aunt.
Filled with mysteriously locked doors, the house has an oppressive air.
And though wanting to use it to recuperate, strange things keep happening to her…

1. Bad Ending (Just a delusion) – 01:18:52
2. Good Ending (There’s really a monster) – 01:28:09



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6 thoughts on “Paranoiac Remake 【ALL ENDINGS】| FULL GAMEPLAY

  1. …Man, I'm so disappointed. It's exactly the same but with (in my opinion) worse and less expressive art. The scares and creepy visuals are now just generic and not scary at all. I'm kind of confused as to what this remake was supposed to achieve.

  2. im so crazy excited. had no idea this was remade. this game used to mean a lot to me, im so curious to see how it will be remade because honestly i adored the original exactly how it was.

  3. I mainly know of Uri from the original Paranoiac and The Crooked Man. Both were games I felt had pretty bad scares and gameplay mechanics, but fantastic stories. From what I've seen, this remake fixes Paranoiac's problems and makes the story even better, and I think this is a pretty big "must-play".

    Let's hope that maybe The Crooked Man will get the remake treatment as well.

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