Paranoiac | Part 1 | THE HAUNTED HOUSE


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Hello everybody and welcome to my playthrough of Paranoiac! Since the success of The Witch’s House, I’ve decided to give the other RPG horror games a try to see what scares I can put myself through! So please enjoy!


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23 thoughts on “Paranoiac | Part 1 | THE HAUNTED HOUSE

  1. This game is obviously HEAVILY influenced, you could even say "copied", off of The Grudge. The Japanese setting, the croaking ghost that crawls everywhere she goes, and multiple other similarities abound. Now dont get me wrong, I'm not saying this as a form of insult or criticism. The similarities are just too present and frequent to not mention it.

  2. Mark: Water from the kitchen. why not the water from bathroom?

    Me: Do you drink the water at bathroom mark?

  3. oooh so that's why the gameplay is familiar? this is also created by the a person who created the crooked man 😲

  4. Didn’t realize I used the same picture that was on the thumbnail. That’s awsome tho (screenshot from the video)

  5. Im going to start watching Markiplier RPG Horror games. I watches the other youtubers and I didn't even know Mark play RPG games. Although I do watch his other horror game video like Until Dawn XD

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