Orphen Scion of Sorcery Speedrun


For something a little different I’m attempting a speedrun of Orphen Scion of Sorcery. This is a game I let’s played several years ago and first played on the PS2 back in 2000. As one of the earliest PS2 games, it was my first experience gaming on the PS2 back in the day. Orphen wasn’t a very well received game and suffered from a number of flaws, as a result it’s not a very popular or well remembered game now. Since I had some experience playing this one before, I figured it’d make an interesting game to try as a first time speedrun.

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24 thoughts on “Orphen Scion of Sorcery Speedrun

  1. Now that the Orphen Remake/Reboot series is out now, they so need to remake/make another Orphen game on modern game systems. I would so play the heck out of this game. I remember when I played this game as a child. It was a lot of fun, but very had. I remember having my dad help me with this game a little bit as a child. He hates turn based battle games, but he didn't mind helping me at the time. This video brings back good ol childhood memories for me. Speaking of which, I still own this game. Outta try and live stream it sometime. If I can. Nothing brings me back to my childhood as much as Orphen does. I'm glad they remade/remaked Orphen. The Reboot series is pretty good. Check it out if you haven't already. https://youtu.be/1m9S8wQ3SlE

  2. This game brings back so many memories! This was my first ps2 game and my introduction to both anime and the English language. Took me YEARS to finish the game!

  3. I loved this game as a kid. Got me into anime and really shaped my life. Trying to replay it again but 100% it. Getting all the pictures in the picture book is an ordeal so far. Also trying to get all alternative dialogue and items.

  4. This game was genius. Playing this as a kid before having internet help was so awesome. The sense of discovery and the story, so good.

  5. would love to know if your still active with this, favourite game as a child and interested in speedrunning this

  6. The Game have 3 Different Story Modes, and after you complet all 3, you Unlock the True 4th Stroy mode. Which was pretty much not heard of back then, and added a lot of reply value. Not to meantion, its the only way to get the last two spells, which are so OP, that they make One Punch Man, blush.

  7. This is a classic Anime Game from my childhood. Don't quote me on this, but i heard Orphen is returning. And with an updated art style. I so hope this true. Check out the Orphen returns news video here. —-> https://youtu.be/f_Es5WYdJX8

  8. The best thing about this game's design is how easy it is to understand the combat for someone's first time playing a game. You press a button and he swings an energy sword. You hold a different button and a bubble protects you. The other two attack from a distance. Holding buttons to achieve stronger effects gently leads into the idea of fully charged demon summoning attacks.

  9. I watched this series,read the manga book,played the Video game as a child. I hope this Anime series does get a 3rd season. I played this Video game as a child. And dang! it was hard. it had like 3 different endings. I remember having my dad help me with some parts of the game. If Orphen ever gets another series. I would so be over that in a heartbeat. My Childhood series right here. Glad there are people who still enjoy this series. To bad i missed the stream for this game.

  10. that chocolate tree is probably there to show you proof they traveled in time? as it only blooms once in a thousand years.

  11. while I honestly think this game isn't that great, it's one of the first ones I watched you play, and so it has a lot of nostalgic feelings ^^

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