Okaeri Walkthrough (Full Gameplay+Ending)


Okaeri is a Japanese horror game about a middle school girl and her mother who recently moved to a new house.

It’s 6:00 pm, coming back home expecting a welcome from your mom, instead, she finds unexpected things happening before her eyes.

The game is inspired by short omniverse Japanese horror films.
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14 thoughts on “Okaeri Walkthrough (Full Gameplay+Ending)

  1. Hey, I dropped you a sub so you're just 19 away from 1k! <3 Okaeri is only short but it's very effect. Actually love that dev team. 🙂

  2. It's really interesting seeing Japanese culture being portrayed in games. It helps people look past the "good boys and girls " anime and really delves into much more depressing matters.

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