Okaeri | Japanese Indie Horror Game | PC Gameplay Walkthrough


Lost, a girl tries to find her way home, but when she does, things aren’t as they should be. From the developers of Blame Him.

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Okaeri is a Japanese horror game about a middle school girl and her mother who recently moved to a new house.
It’s 6:00 pm, coming back home expecting a welcome from your mom, instead, she finds unexpected things happening before her eyes.
The game is inspired by short omniverse Japanese horror films.

Key Features:

Immersive experience: An atmospheric photo-realistic graphics intensifies the horror experience. The minimalistic design makes the player fully immersed in the ambiance.

VHS film aesthetic: VHS aesthetic emulates look and feel of CRT screens including phosphor screen trail and bleeding, VHS tape noise, interlacing, and jitter in the analog video signal adding extra immersion to the horror experience.

A short narrative exploration: An exploration heavily focused on ambiance and narrative. Collect pieces of the past and present to find out what’s going on from the protagonist’s perspective with native Japanese voice acting which enhances the player’s experience. People who love games like Gone Home and The First Tree might love this part of the game. The testers played for about 20-40min.

Gameplay: This game is played primarily like a “walking simulator.” I’d define it more as a P.T. like game.

Psychological horror: You are alone, but feels like someone is watching you. Keep going and you’ll find out.

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43 thoughts on “Okaeri | Japanese Indie Horror Game | PC Gameplay Walkthrough

  1. The Japanese are racist and it is proven with all those animations that have all the characters white even though most whites don’t speak Japanese.

  2. I love you who reads this, always and no matter what. You're never alone friend

    no matter the mistakes or what wrongs that people do, everyone deserves to live in the world they were born into. no matter what

  3. Well this was a disappointment. I could see this as a demo, but a full game? Hard pass, especially with the potential lost.

  4. this was a bit boring.. pretty basic. i had a hard time getting enough into it to actually feel the creepiness

  5. Like the voice acting (i love japan lol) but the place she walk thru same were i live right now even the car cant fix or motorcycle lmao.

  6. Again I'm not a weeaboo but I'm I think that might be the forest near Tokyo where people always take their lives they have a lot of suicides there every year

  7. I'm not a weeaboo or anyting but I'm pretty sure to totami or however you spell itgive me used for samurai swords coming through or I can be used as a bed or something like that I think it's organic material so last one I think you got was totami

  8. Tatami are rice straw mats of a fixed dimension. They look like yellowish panels usually with a darker band around them. Because of their standard dimensions, Japanese rooms are often measured in 'tatami' as an alternative to square meters. They are still fairly common even in new Japanese buildings along with shoji (rice paper & wooden sliding doors) as they are so archetypal of traditional Japanese culture and style.


  9. I think this game has a phenominal atmosphere with a little more polish it could be a very high 8 for short horror games. I think the horror that leaves things to your imagination is the scariest. A monster chasing you and loud noises are good an all but I was just waiting for ju on to come out of the closet or a wooden doll to come out of the bathroom or the mirror to suck you in but alas it was just me scaring myself. The Japanese decor and setting is also one of my fav suburban settings.

  10. Even though the game was rather underwhelming, it was interesting to watch your take on it ! (and quite captivating to see you struggle to figure out what a tatami is)

  11. I’m sorry you had to pay for it to be so uneventful in the end. It looked like it was going in a good direction. Then suddenly it wasn’t.

  12. I have to say, that game was disappointing. The grainy texture made sure that I couldn't see what was going on (I watch on mobile), and the whole suicide aspect was almost insulting. It was a cop-out. The devs had no idea for an ending, so they just said "f it, suicide is scary, right?" There was no lead-up, no hints. "Mom has been feeling bad lately," does not lead into that ending. The mom wasn't even a character through the whole game, just a talking point, and suddenly it's supposed to be a big reveal that she killed herself. Because of "a debt." What's the context of that debt? Is it massive debt? Is it unjust debt (the result of fraud or blackmail)? There's no context, so therefore no emotional attachment.

    And the scene transitions. The character just stands there for several hours until the sun goes down? Would it have been so hard to make that into the character goes to bed, and then is woken up several hours later by something? And then is just suddenly in the forest after finding their mom? To kill themselves as well with no context?

    The atmosphere was great, and the spooky events had me thinking that something cool was going to happen. Especially since this game is set in Japan, which has super creepy and scary myths and urban legends. But, it all lead to a half-assed ending.

  13. Not a fan of the game but your playing of it made it ok.. sorry it was so meh and sad. I'd ask for a refund !

  14. Overall, didn't care for it. Did not like the way it looked – too hard to see much of anything, especially when it got dark. While it had creepy vibes, there really wasn't much of anything to do in it, making it somewhat boring. And the ending… sad and depressing. Not a good way to end a game.
    I'm also really surprised you didn't know what a tatami was.
    Thanks for playing anyway.

  15. CJU, I removed a lot from my sub list. I remember your content and I love what you do. You will always have a place on my sub list.

  16. This game is pretty good. Do you have contact with GGGab or are you just a fan? I kinda want to recommend the Fatal Frame series but I'm not sure if you'd like it

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