Okaeri – Japanese Horror Game


Okaeri is about a young girl trying to adapt to a new life in a new town. Or is it? I honestly don’t know.
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39 thoughts on “Okaeri – Japanese Horror Game

  1. The Ending: "Nani?" Looks good tho, reminds me of those direct-to-tv Japanese horror video from early to mid 2000s when they had major ghost-horror boom after success of Ringu and Ju-On.

  2. I love you who reads this, always and no matter what. You're never alone friend

    no matter the mistakes or what wrongs that people do, everyone deserves to live in the world they were born into. no matter what

  3. I mean. It was certainly a game. I kinda expected…I dunno, more? It's sorta all shock value, no content. I guess the setting doesn't have to play into the game but it seems a waste to have it set in Japan and not do more with superstitions in Japan or even JP culture aside from the numbers 4 and 9. Just too vague. Even some voice acting when she found her mom would've added something.

  4. Isn't debt passed down in many Asian cultures? Like, if the parents accumulate debt and they die/disappear with debt still, their offspring must now pay it off? Does Japan do this? If they do, I can see why that's the ending. Debt is terrible.

    This game was sad. The aesthetics were cool, but yeah. It was sad.

  5. I find it frustrating the way Japanese culture is viewed and just in general watching this video is hard. All over, it just is a straight up epidemic with su*cide rn and despite the messaging of some of the tomfoolery by Loga* P*ul shit's never cool, I don't care where or what your hometown or continent is, dying by suicide being like a punchline–death by suicide PERIOD is sad no matter what. I would say a hard pass but IDK, if they had to do it they had to do it pretty straight faced, and I'm glad it wasn't too sensationalized. But that ending? That's messed up. That's seriously messed up, and authorial intent goes out the window for me personally.

  6. 10:44 your playthrough is the 3rd one I watch and 1st time I can see the mother there because of the disabled Grain filter lol

  7. "4" is a creepy number for Japanese people, since it is pronounced "shi", wich is the same word for "death". The same happens with "9" ("ku") which is "suffering". Japanese take numbers really seriously, to the point that there is a lot of hotels that don't have a room 4, and no maternity wing of any hospital will have a room 43, since 43, "shizan" means "stillbirth". That is the reason why, in the Ju-On movies, everyone freaked out when they received a call by the calling number 444-444-4444 XD.

  8. The number 4 has connotations with death in Japanese culture doesn't it? The number showed up a few times in the playthrough and I suppose it was supposed to be ominous?

  9. Kravin, You mentioned that you seem very tall in the game – But, I think, for the first time in a game, they made the protag a normal height! usually you're staring straight at a door knob and you're a midget lol I think they got this about right!

  10. Okay, at that point where he was in the forest, and he turned around to look behind him, when he turned back around that big white rock/tree scared the cheese out of me! I jumped so hard!

  11. Okaasan and Otoosan 👍🏻

    I think her mother is in debt because nurses aren’t paid well in Japan and hasn’t been “feeling well” (depressed). Sad. I like the style but not much to it.

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