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——————Game Description———————-
NOMED – a first-person psychological thriller.

Face the torment in the mystical world of Nomed, filled with human cruelty. Embark on a journey to discover yourself.

You wake up in an odd, dark, completely unknown place.
You have no idea how you came to be here. Only you can find an answer to this question.
You have nothing else to do, you can only search for answers.
Beware, though. The answers may be more horrifying than the world that surrounds you. Are you ready to learn the truth?
Can you also get away from the newfound world? Is there a way out?

The environment and gameplay:
You can only rely on your trusty flashlight.
You will encounter varying creatures. Maybe even people similar to you. Some will be aggressive, some will not get in your way.
Initially, you will be defenseless. You will have to be stealthy and fast if you want to have a chance to survive.
Later on, you may find some weapons. They won’t allow you to defeat everyone, though. You will still have to remain cautious.
Many puzzles will stand on your way.
Two different endings.

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