Nomed Demo | Indie Horror Game Let's Play | PC Gameplay Walkthrough


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You have nothing else to do, you can only search for answers.

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Face the torment in the mystical world of Nomed, filled with human cruelty. Embark on a journey to discover yourself.

You wake up in an odd, dark, completely unknown place.
You have no idea how you came to be here. Only you can find an answer to this question.
You have nothing else to do, you can only search for answers.
Beware, though. The answers may be more horrifying than the world that surrounds you. Are you ready to learn the truth?
Can you also get away from the newfound world? Is there a way out?
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23 thoughts on “Nomed Demo | Indie Horror Game Let's Play | PC Gameplay Walkthrough

  1. The room of figures they started moving and I as like "Their moving! oh no they are moving! then all the flashing anti epilepsy friendly stuff happened and I was like…wow even I feel disorientated, I feel sorry for anyone with epilepsy

  2. Cju I need you to know that I watch your videos late at night to help me fall asleep. There's just something about a British man questioning everything that puts you right to sleep

  3. Some decent visuals but very meh…from the second she was shot the story was obvious, she gave her apple to some other dude, you shot her, the feels, the stock photos etc.

  4. Too busy laughing at "Was that your apple" to be effected by the guys suicide!. Thanks!

    CJU: "Just wanna make sure my escape roots still there"
    Me "Good idea, wtf was that, hate freaky/creepy eyes!"

    CJU to naked character "put some clothes on!"
    Me "BUM" amused look on face

  5. That's a picture of Issei Sagawa at 10:56 of the video. I will give you the opportunity to learn what he did for yourself. 🙂

  6. The way you initially pronounced 'Nomed' reminded me of that God forsaken 'You've been gnomed' and I was filled with a deep sensation of remorse.

  7. Can't say I found the game that good… know its an early access but they could have develop it a little more instead of giving us just a random hallway with some jumpscares :/

    I got a vibe of P.T + Layers of fear….not sure what to expect from the full game, it brings nothing new or original to the table of horror games…

  8. cjugames is the go to place for a wind down. Always enjoy these videos. The game seems a little flawed and it is clearly influenced by pt I would say. Looking forward to the final chapter of Max Payne 3, I am sure it will be epic.

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