My Sweet Roomies 😡 [P2] l Game Closure [RANT]


“I don’t make rant videos of routes because I hate them,” says Ike. “I make them because I actually like them and I enjoy talking about them.”

What a fool Ike is…

I’m one of those fans who get salty at everything the developers do. At least for this game. I’m usually chill about most games, but consider that I’ve been going through this hell for 3 years now… I’m not exactly the happiest person in the world.

Consider that it’s now closing and an era is coming to an end, I don’t exactly feel relieved. In fact, because of my neglect towards the game, I feel neglected towards myself.

I could’ve finished this game months ago and when I find out about the closure notice, I would’ve been totally cool with it. But now… I’ll never get to bone the landlady. *sigh*

And I’ll also never get to learn about what happens with Ren and her daddy issue. *sigh*

What is My Sweet Roomies?

One day, a car crashed into our MC’s room because things like that happens. Luckily, he’s not dead. Unluckily, he doesn’t have a place to live. That’s when his BFF Aoi thought of an idea to bring him to a share-house where all of the residence are women.

What kind of wacky situation will our MC get into?! Lol.

Outro music: Benny Troung – Don’t Go

Music by Epidemic Sound

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35 thoughts on “My Sweet Roomies 😡 [P2] l Game Closure [RANT]

  1. Why they close this awesome game…no wander i cant find them in playstore….last time i play this game was about 4 year ago and i search for this game this year to feel some nostalgia but its too late 😓😓

  2. huh… no wonder I can't find the game after three and a half year of not playing this game, last time I played this game was in 2016, back then visual novel game wasn't really a thing in mobile and they're also pretty horrible with the ticket or energy system, the only good VN mobile game I've played back in the days was ROOMMATES, it's quite a decent game,.

    Now about this My Sweet Roommates game, is not even a VN, it's just a story, you can't even select a choices like in VN games, that's why since my discover of Text Based games like Magium, The Fall of Daria, and other kind of text based game, they make you choose a lot of choice to chose which is HOW VN is supposed to be, this is the reason why I don't play mobile/android VN, they are horrible, If I want to play VN I rather play it on PC. That's why I prefer Text Based game (Which mean 100% text based game no picture or anything but just TEXT), they are p=really good too…

  3. I was fortunate to be able to finish each characters stories. I do agree that the energy system sucked. But it didn't affect me that much because I played when I was commuting to work, going home from work or before sleep. By that time the energy is full.

  4. Sad to say this great game has been closed also in android like i would like to play it rn but unfortunately the game has been closed ughh i wish i can find other great game like my sweet roomies sht like im so desperately want to play games like this 😩😩😤😤

  5. I had no idea the game got taken down, god I remember playing this in middle school years ago when it was released as “Honey’s I’m Home” much like what happened to you I had just unlocked the landlady’s route but it got taken down and rebranded as my sweet roomies and i played that as well but I never truly got to finish the game. Man I didn’t think I’d ever regret not finishing it

  6. But why remove it now completely, seriously does it hurt to keep it up, I'm really gonna miss this game, I wish I finished it but I gave up on some of the routes

  7. This may seem pathetic but this game was one of the very few thing that made me happy and kept me going through middle school

  8. Damn I was so sad and I only got through Ren's story and barely got started on Aki's story when this game got shut down. :/

  9. I just now realize that it shut down and I am new to channel but there another game you should try it call moe ninja it A novel and there a lot of season like story and you get ending from different characters and Repeat depending the season but it suck you upload it on YouTube because they don’t want or something like that but you should try it on your free time.

  10. Even though the game did suck with the energy and time it was still a half assed time killer. I used to play this game a while back but phone memory made me prioritize things to get some gifs back. I actually reupload it the other day and was about to start playing again but for some reason I see the game is no longer available to play even though the game is still shown as a game to download. Of it's not playable anymore than take it off the Google play store people.

  11. I like the game but I don't want to pay for the gems if only the game put short video or ads to get the gems for the game

  12. I mean it's not the same but if you never finished the stories you could just watch a playthrough and pretend it's your character lol

  13. So just going to toss this out here. But man did this game fuck up on so many levels. I'm not even looking at the plot of the game. Just the mechanics of what they did.

    1. An energy system should never be used in a VN. I know they wanted to monetize but jesus christ. That said this makes it the perfect bathroom reading game when on the toilet.

    Note: If you "forget" about your energy one day. It goes back to a maximum of 5.

    2. Lack of updates and love. They put it out there and expected it to sell and do things. It didn't because there wasn't much to sell.

    3. Making it server side. THIS is where they fucked up. This is one of the biggest issues I have with the game. They have to make it so you are always connected to the internet to play their game. This also makes me upset because aside from buying stuff from their stores there is NO REASON this game should always have an "online" feature. Its also why we won't be able to play the game when they finally take the servers down.

    That being said. There are a few uploads on youtube of the routes if you ever wanted to view them.

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