MUANG BORAN – The Ancient City (Episode 1) ᴴᴰ ● เมืองโบราณ สมุทรปราการ

Kinh Doanh

► This is Episode 1 of 3 of Muang Boran – The Ancient City.

In Episode 1, I will be showing you “The Pavilion of the Enlightened” – commonly referred to as the golden pavilion – and its 80 hand-carved wooden monks.

Muang Boran is located in the province of Samutprakan, approximately 1 hour drive east of Central Bangkok.
Here you can find architecture and building styles from all
regions of Thailand, and you can easily spend a whole day here – just don’t forget your camera.

I hope you’ll like it. Episode 2 & 3 will be coming up soon. – Enjoy!

#เมืองโบราณ #ThailandTravelVlog #BangkokTravelTips


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41 thoughts on “MUANG BORAN – The Ancient City (Episode 1) ᴴᴰ ● เมืองโบราณ สมุทรปราการ

  1. You swept me of my feet with this crazy beautiful film, Thomas. i don't need tv, i don't need movies as long as i have you (and some more uniquely talented, bleesed YT friends). THANKS from the depths of my heart… and now i need to go to that wonderful coffee place of yours, which i have visited twice already. HUGS! ♥ Ma

  2. В очередной раз смотрю с большим удовольствием! Очень интересно смотреть, спасибо за видео! Лайк и полный просмотр!

    Once again, I look with great pleasure! Very interesting to watch, thanks for the video! Like and full view!

  3. Я этот ролик уже просматривал полностью. Ставил лайк и давал комментарий. Но сейчас обнаружил, что у меня снята отметка о просмотре. Не понимаю, почему? Мне не трудно ещё раз с удовольствием его просмотреть. Как говорится, НАЗЛО ВРАГАМ!!! УДАЧИ ВСЕМ НАМ!!! (Я НЕ ИМЕЮ ВВИДУ НЕЧЕСТНЫХ, ЛЖИВЫХ, ХИТРОЖОПЫХ, СКРЫТНЫХ И ИЖЕ С НИМИ!). МНЕ КАЖЕТСЯ, ЧТО С САМИМ ЮТУБОМ НЕ ВСЁ В ПОРЯДКЕ! СОЗДАЁТСЯ ВПЕЧАТЛЕНИЕ, ЧТО КТО ТО УПРАВЛЯЕТ НАШИМИ КАНАЛАМИ ПО СВОЕМУ, ОДНОМУ ЕМУ ПОНЯТНОМУ, УСМОТРЕНИЮ, НАПРАВЛЕННОМУ, В КОНЕЧНОМ ИТОГЕ, НА СВОИ МЕРКАНТИЛЬНЫЕ ИНТЕРЕСЫ! ПО НЕВОЛЕ ЗАПИШИШЬСЯ В ХЕЙТЕРЫ!

    I have already viewed this video in full. Put a like and gave a comment. But now I find that my viewing mark has been removed. I don't know why. It is not difficult for me to review it again with pleasure. As they say, to SPITE the ENEMY!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US!!! (I DON'T MEAN DISHONEST, DECEITFUL, SLY-ASS, SECRETIVE, AND SO ON!). IT SEEMS TO ME THAT THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUTUBE ITSELF! IT SEEMS THAT SOMEONE MANAGES OUR CHANNELS ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN, UNDERSTANDABLE, DISCRETION, DIRECTED, ULTIMATELY, TO THEIR OWN MERCANTILE INTERESTS! YOU'LL HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR HATERS!


  4. The Ancient City is SO beautiful and has a such a strong presents of creative peace. This video is Fantastic!🙏

  5. Шикарное видео и шикарная панорама спасибо другу.

  6. ววยมากๆคะอยากไปสักครั้งเขาก็ว่าสวยมาก

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  8. Hello! Extremely beautiful whole video – thumbs up! Regards, thank you for everything 🙂

  9. 👍👍👍👍👍 What a great Muang Boran ❤️ Video, amazing + beautiful , really enjoyed it, Thanks for sharing :)♥️🌹 👍👍👍👍👍

  10. ❤◕‿◕❤ B i g – L i k e ❤◕‿◕❤

    Hello my dear Friend Thomas"The world created as good has been obscured by the free acts of created beings. It is now a place of trial that human souls undergo." … (。❤‿❤。) I wish you a happy new week dear friendGod bless you

    My Friend, when you paste emoticons or applications, it comes out spam 🙂

  11. Thanks for this master work of filming which I am just catching up on Brilliant detail Thomas .Had the feeling I was there 👍🌼 Helena :

  12. That was awesome! Really well filmed! Music choice was spot on too! Great work! And great place to visit!


  14. WOW!!!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful clip man!! Breathtaking pictures. What a place. Greetz & like, Jimmy

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