MIKKO Studios | Barn Finders Gameplay | EP7


Barn Finders First Look Gameplay Let’s Play – Search for valuables stashed in abandoned barns. Take part in storage auctions, bid high and buy yourself a chance to find exclusive items hidden in the past.

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34 thoughts on “MIKKO Studios | Barn Finders Gameplay | EP7

  1. I really enjoy watching your videos, they help me out when I get stuck and can't find keys, golden toilet paper, etc. I also like the commentary. This map and the swamp map before it were really creepy.

  2. ~15:40 i think you just unburied the corpse of an actor from a famous Monty Python movie about coconuts and grails .
    be carefull !!!
    EDIT : it would be really nice, if you could update the headlight as well in a future update.
    it just doesn't do the job it feels like .

  3. i bought this game like today, and saw in your videos some gameplays. and im thinking: why this is getting so scary?

  4. Did you get the achievement for putting Shirley Love on your bed yet? Before you sell her throw her on your bed to get the Never Alone achievement LOL

  5. I know it's bin said. But you mist the door by the tumble we're you got the key. Matruska styl boxes. Think it was on the left with a lever. Loved it do. Good scares as well………… 🧟‍♂️ Thanks GE

  6. Loving this game GE. 😍 would it be easier to pull the objects/junk off the shelves first then breaking them on the floor rather than jumping or couching to reach the parts off the shelves?

  7. The next location there is a bunker do not destroy any of the boxes you will need them. That's all I am gonna say about it don't wanna ruin the fun for ya.

  8. Um, GE..next time pull the stuff out of the cubby holes so you can collect the stuff easier when ya break it..lol

  9. Your voice made me to snuggle into my bed and I fell right into a deep slumber…. Now I need to watch it again 😅

    Ohhhh zombies 🧟‍♂️🧠 I love scary jumps and zombies 🤘🏻
    Keep it up.

  10. the red mails are these 3 circles in the left down corners, you need to click on them. those are extra auctions in the garage area. and if you have a job offer with the auction it will tell you before you go there that map is 2500 + for example, so you know how much cash you need to have before you go there. and the bunny is from the house flipper 🙂

  11. Oh my gosh!! There were so many jumpscares!! I freaken loved it LOL. Always a blast watching you get scared LOL. Thank you so much GE for tons of laughter. You are so awesome!! I can't wait to see more of this. 🙂

  12. Got the scare a few times. Btw there was a latch in that morgue like place. I guess that is the place where you might have missed the last few items. Cheers GE

  13. Beans, beans the magical fruit
    The more you eat them the more you toot
    The more you toot the better you feel
    So eat more beans with every meal

    This characters theme song apparently.

    Now, who can come up with a plot for a movie that involves a crypt, a blow up doll, and a posable statue.

  14. Aha yes we can all see how obsessed you are with this game but we feel the same about watching you play it GE! XD 😀

  15. the last jump scare in the crypt got me good. the one that made GE miss the jump was hilarious. 😂😂😂😂

  16. I look forward to these episodes so much. I almost avoid watching them just because I don't want it to come to an end.

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