MashBall, the original plug pong game, brings a new twist to toss games. MashBall combines the most popular features of corn hole, washer toss, beer pong, and other toss game favorites, while also eliminating the flaws in each. MashBall is comprised of a square shaped carrying container that separates into two identical halves. Within the two halves are ten cups or holes. When played, each half of the box is positioned 6.5 feet apart from one another, determined by a measuring cord provided with each MashBall set. The objective is for every player on each team to toss the ball into one of the ten holes within the opposing team’s half of the game. When a player lands the ball in one of the holes, an opposing player should remove the ball and plug the hole with one of the MashBall plugs. The game continues in this manner, with each team taking turns tossing the ball. The first team to land the ball in all ten holes of the opposing team’s box wins the game (other rules apply). There are also over five additional games that can be played with one MashBall set, each of which stems from the popular toss games that are loved so much today. These games are explained thoroughly in the Ultimate MashBall Guide which comes with the purchase of a MashBall set. ‘How to Play’ videos for each game can also be viewed on the MashBall youtube channel. MashBall is great for the beach, tailgating, or anywhere really. It is even great indoors. MashBall offers a solution to traditional toss games (i.e. Washer Toss, Beer Pong, Cornhole or Bean Bag Toss, Ladder Golf, and Horseshoes) because it is floatable, waterproof, family friendly, wind resistant, versatile (6 games in 1), lightweight, portable and durable. The Lifestyle Edition is 8 lbs and made of durable ABS plastic with an aesthetically pleasing rustic wood-look design. The balls are comprised of a unique blend of pebbles with a Double-lined outer material that will not tear or break. The balls are also unaffected by the wind, skip & float in the water, and won’t bounce out of the cups. MashBall has revolutionized the toss game industry. If you, your family, or your friends seem to get bored with games at times, then MashBall is for you. It’s not just a game, it’s a lifestyle!


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