Markiplier and Yamimash Play Amnesia!


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Hello everybody! I got the chance to sit down and play Amnesia with fellow YouTuber Yamimash! He’s a great guy and we had a lot of fun working our way through this custom story! Sorry about my audio quality, with Skype open the audio was recorded through my webcam microphone. Hopefully it is tolerable! Enjoy!


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36 thoughts on “Markiplier and Yamimash Play Amnesia!

  1. I losted yamimash in my memories, i loved to see Markiplier and Yamimash back then, but so many things have passed in this 7 years, but I love that this kind of videos are still here, like a time capsule…

  2. Sup 2018 and I'm here after reading a crap ton of darkiplier fanfic and I mean a loooooot of him being nice shy and caring also cuz I wanted to see how much mark has changed cuz he makes me so frickin happy

  3. Mark: "We've been going for 20 minutes."
    Yami: "I'm gonna throw a chair at the door. OH MY GOD!!"
    Mark: "Did that work?"
    Yami: "Dude, throw a chair at the door!"
    Mark throws chair
    Mark: "YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!"

    I'm still laughing my butt off!! XD

  4. I know this video is almost 6 years old but how dare you publish a video a day after my birthday! It should have been on my birthday

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