Man proves everybody wrong after his invention is humiliated on TV


This video is about Marc Griffin. He invented “bulletball” a game which he says to have been developing for 26 years. After his idea was shot down on TV footage of his “failure” was spread all over the internet with tags such as “epic failure” and “cringe warning”. But in the end he proved everybody wrong. When I found the original clips I saw comments such as “this is pathetic” and “this guy is crazy” and much worse. So I really wanted to spread his story and what he really did accomplish in the end. Be inspired and show it to others who need to be inspired. Hold on to your dreams.

Brian Lowe – Raise Your Hearts


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42 thoughts on “Man proves everybody wrong after his invention is humiliated on TV

  1. watch this when u r a failure at life? at least he knew he had to buy up patents in case anyone "steals" his idea, he could have just bought google or amazon stocks intead…?

  2. Just goes to show… don't listen to naysayers. Doesn't matter if they're dressed in stuff suits standing from a position of "power".

  3. He never accomplished his dream. He just does small gigs for seniors and the disabled. Even if he did accomplish his dream, his priorities are still way out of line.

  4. I like this guy's energy towards getting the goal but he shouldn't have ruined his life to risk getting the success. You should put yourself before anything, but yes keep holding onto your dreams

  5. This guy gives me a Will Smith on "Pursuit of Happiness" vibe. Also Will would be the perfect actor to play the role of this man in a biopic forreal. What awesome devotion, patience, and commitment. Proof that these traits are all it takes to make your dreams come true. A real American dream success story, almost enough to bring a tear to my eye.

  6. Am I the only one that finds it kind of bizarre how he had to sell his car, house and everything he possesses just to purchase and create his own invention that only consists of wood and plastic balls? That’s literally less than a thousand dollars, so it doesn’t make sense.

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