LITTLE NIGHTMARES RAP SONG by JT Music – "Hungry For Another One"


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This game is a gem for sure and we wanted to make a song that fit the universe of Little Nightmares. We hope we did it justice with this song!

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LITTLE NIGHTMARES RAP SONG by JT Machinima – “Hungry For Another One”


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48 thoughts on “LITTLE NIGHTMARES RAP SONG by JT Music – "Hungry For Another One"

  1. I like this song I heard it before but my sister did it my sister came out late for 50 minutes I'm not that

  2. ….. Do I look suspicious to you 🤨now u don't look like u born in Philippines it looks like your born in Canada 🍁 and I have no clue what you are here for now but it will not even exist anymore since you left it with the old email address so it should not take ages to get back to you as I have been trying to get hold of the of the team in my previous previous email to you and the ink machine is I have not been sent able I I'm working on the same as I am currently working on my first day off at work today so I will I have just seen the email

  3. "you dont look like you belong here!"

    me in roblox tower of hell in the pro mode so I keep grinding in my private server

    Inspires by another comment qwq

  4. Ah I remember when this song came out I listened to it 10+ times. Now I’m obsessed with it all over again

  5. Is the line "And monsters are not all they seem" a reference to the end of the game (spoilers, I guess?)

    since Six kinda becomes a "monster" after eating the lady and getting her powers?

  6. Just an idea, what if Little Nightmares is about The Seven Deadly Sins?
    Think about it. All of the people in the Maw are gluttons. The kimono lady is vain. Not to mention Six. What if 6 is referring to the sixth deadly sin, Wrath. That would explain why they were angry at everyone and killed everyone on their way out. and perhaps the reason why they were hungry is that gluttony was trying to stop them. So my theory is that in this world the seven deadly sins took over, but wrath decided they wanted to kill everyone including the other sins. so, wrath being the sixth sin decided to disguise himself as a child named 6. in doing this wrath lost power so they needed to kill another sin as soon as possible to get their power back

  7. “Hungry. For another one”

    When I get a biscuit I want more biscuits like the songs name is “hungry for another one”


  8. Oh my gosh, I haven't listened to this in a long time :0

    Probably because I'm very scared of this game so I don't know why I'm here-

  9. I just realized…
    Six always gets hungry. And what is the sixth deadliest sin? Gluttony. So if the second main character in the sequel is prideful of his own, since his name is Mono or one?


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