Let’s Play: Happy Salmon | Ep. #4


Special thanks to John at I Build It for making us this awesome custom trophy! You can watch him build the Let’s Play trophy here:

From the moment you unzip Happy Salmon’s pouch, the game is frantic fun. Wildly shout to get the attention of other players, match a greeting, and act it out to whittle down your cards in hand. When you’ve given enough goofy greetings, the winner will be left with no cards in their hand and a belly full of laughs.

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When colleagues greet, they shake hands. When families greet, they hug. And when fish greet, they do the Happy Salmon—now you can too!

In this crazy card game, each player takes a stack of twelve cards. When the game begins, all players start flipping over their cards and calling out the action listed: high 5, pound it, switcheroo, or happy salmon. When you notice someone else call out the same card, be the first to greet them with that action and discard the completed card. The game gets chaotic, so do what it takes to get noticed. The first player to get rid of all of their cards is the winner!

In case you were wondering (who wasn’t?), a Happy Salmon greeting is when you turn your open, upright palm into a fishtail and lightly slap another player’s forearm 3 or more times as they do the same to you.



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38 thoughts on “Let’s Play: Happy Salmon | Ep. #4

  1. Everyone: let's play Irl

    Jamie, to Adam: Just say "welcome to let's play IRL,"
    Adam: ok
    Camera rolls
    Adam: WeLComE tO lETs plAy In REal lIfE

    Vat19, except Adam: what the fuhck Adam?!

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