KRE-O CityVille Invasion – Universal – HD Gameplay Trailer


KRE-O CityVille Invasion by Zynga Inc.

As Commanding General of the CityVille S.O.S. Force™, you must stop the evil Dr. Mayhem™ and his minions from conquering your city, and the world!

Construct automatic defenses AND personally control your powerful KREON™ soldiers in this mind-blowing game of tower-defense and live-action battle. As you play you can build cooler and more powerful defenses and upgrade your soldiers’ skills, weapons and armor!

KRE-O CityVille Invasion features eyeball-popping 3D graphics. Can you make your city powerful enough to defeat Dr. Mayhem’s mighty army? You’d better – the world’s counting on you!

Unlock cool bonus items with codes you get in KRE-O™ CityVille™ Invasion™ construction sets.

o 5 Unique Combat Maps
o 15 Powerful Weapons
o 35 Characters to Play, Each with Unique and Upgradeable Hats and Suits
o 25 Story Missions, Plus Over 400 Replayable Challenges to Complete
o 13 Types of Buildings to Construct and Defend
o 5 Mighty Defense Turrets

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29 thoughts on “KRE-O CityVille Invasion – Universal – HD Gameplay Trailer

  1. I remember playing this I already completed the 4 maps the only map I haven't play was the one with the tall building.
    The loading screen taks forever I wasn't able to finish the game.

  2. I did do the bank district and the police district and the fire district but I didn't finish the harbor district and the skyscraper district and the haunted district

  3. I need beat one boss and beat the game but my mom say put your phone down and go study then the next day server shut down

  4. It should be available now in the US, on iTunes and Google Play. The toy line also officially launched yesterday.

  5. Kreo is not a Lego ripoff. Lego is Lego… Kreo is Kreo… Just like Mega Bloks is…Mega Bloks… They are all good building block toy companies. The fact that Lego is "more famous" doesn't make it better. They're all good brands with pr

  6. Yeah, sorry about that. In Canada, it's released as a 'soft launch', kind of like a way to get a lot of free play-testing for the app. This way, many people will report bugs that the developers playtesters missed, and they will be fixed before the 'big' 'official' release. If you look at it this way, the US is getting a better version of the game. Anyhow, expect the US release somewhere around Aug. 1st, with bugfixes and a few new bells and whistles.

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